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People Change Management For Capital Goods

Client Description

Global industrial group operating in the capital goods sector.

Through its brands, the group designs, manufactures and markets agricultural and construction machines, industrial and commercial vehicles, buses and special vehicles, including their engines and transmissions, and marine propellers.

Client Challenges

For the rollout phase of the new version of ServiceNow, intended for all employees, the client expressed the need to focus on change management, with the goal of facilitating the implementation of the new Portal.

Change management is essential as it involves not only implementing new technology, but also changing employees’ day-to-day practices.

The communication phase is crucial for explaining the benefits of the application, addressing any concerns, and engaging the users in the process.

At the same time, personalised training is also important to ensure users acquire the skills they need. Addressing emotional resistance and creating a supportive environment are key for the success of the project, as they contribute to a smooth transition and successful implementation of the application. Solutions

To address the change resulting from the launch of a new employee information system, applies a comprehensive approach that considers two key steps:


  • Analysis and Planning: We identify key messages and plan clear communications about the benefits of the new system.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We actively engage employees in decision making to encourage acceptance and participation in the change.


  • Analysis and Development: We analyse training needs and develop customised training tools
  • Release and Distribution: Through the publication of the training tools developed, we can guarantee mastery of the new system.
  • Ongoing Support: We implement a go-live support system to troubleshoot and answer employee questions.

The Results


  • Editorial Plan
  • Video Teaser promoting the implementation project with the new features and operational and process benefits that will impact the population, as well as the timelines and methods
  • Infographics for the organisation’s email and intranet communication for each stage of the rollout.


  • Video clips specific to each target user involved in the project


  • Specific go-live after-care support channel
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