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How Stefanini Supported ARKA In Transforming Parcel Delivery

Stefanini EMEA has supported industrial automation business ARKA in realizing its ambitions to transform parcel delivery across Romania.

Working in partnerhisp with Stefanini, ARKA has launched its Smart Parcel Locker, which is a fully customizable parcel locker that completely decouples parcel delivery from parcel collection, while also offering a simple way to manage deliveries in different geographies. It also optimizes tasks and enables the commercial partners of the courier company to make deliveries directly to lockers, without having to pay for external couriers. The lockers are distributed all over Romania – and particularly in densely populated areas.

Getting to this point required extensive collaboration and a commtiment to continually evolving the platform. Bogdan Burdalescu, Software Architect at Stefanini EMEA, says: “The initial solution was developed over six months, during a process that consisted of an analysis stage, a development stage, and a testing stage. The process also involved co-creation involving multiple parties and represented an excellent combination of design thinking and hardware and software expertise. The platform is constantly evolving, as we add various additional features.”  

Stefanini has previously created a predictability application and personal digital assistant for the courier industry and this provided valuable experience during the engagement with ARKA. ”Our experience in this sector meant we were able to fully understand the internal processes that exist within the business, which allowed us to optimize the architecture and business logic of the application,” says Bogdan Burdalescu.

The success of this partnerhsip is driving results for ARKA and leading to Stefanini’s increased involvement. Lucian Ulmanu, CEO, ARKA, explains: “ARKA’s full development process is leading to impressive results and we are pleased to reveal that Stefanini will fully cover our software requirements.”

Stefanini, growing across EMEA

Stefanini’s experience ranges from building custom-developed solutions to providing maintenance services for an IT portfolio. This experience combined with a proprietary approach to building digital products created the grounds for a successful implementation with ARKA.

Stefanini’s successful deep partnerships are the reason the company is optimistic about the future. Florin Stefan, Application Development Director at Stefanini EMEA, explains: “Crises are undoubtedly difficult moments, but at the same time, they can offer opportunities. When you provide high-value services, supplier-client relationships are transformed into true partnerships in which value and the end-user experience is maximized. It’s thanks to the strength of these partnerships that we believe we can withstand any disruption and look to the future with optimism.”

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