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Stefanini Enterprise Team Supports Pyxant Labs Infrastructure Merger With Specialized Applications

Client Description

Pyxant Labs is a regulated bioanalytical contract research organization that produces bioanalytical data for pharmaceutical companies using mass spectrometry. In doing this, Pyxant Labs plays a key role in researching, developing, and testing new drug compounds to bring to market.

Client Challenges

Labcorp, one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world, spun off a division in Salt Lake City that was acquired by Pyxant Labs. It was important for this merger to happen smoothly and efficiently as Pyxant knew they would be unable to fully utilize their new facilities until the transition was complete.

With the acquisition of the Labcorp division, Pyxant’s company grew from around 50 people to almost 200. The business processes, applications, and overall infrastructure differed between Pyxant and the newly-acquired Labcorp division, so the company was seeking an IT consultant to provide growth and infrastructure support.

Stefanini Solutions

Stefanini has had a team of close to 300 workers globally supporting Labcorp since 2013. ​

With this baseline understanding of Labcorp’s infrastructure, Stefanini’s enterprise team studied Pyxant Labs’ data, processes, and infrastructure to quickly understand where they wanted to go. To aid in this process, Stefanini provided specialized applications to meet Pyxant’s needs.


The merger integration provided by Stefanini streamlined Pyxant’s acquisition of the Salt Lake City Labcorp division, allowing the two teams to seamlessly integrate and begin taking strides forward. ​

As collaborators and co-creators, Stefanini has continued to serve Pyxant Labs as an ongoing partner

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