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Industry 4.0 - Highly Flexible Application For Vehicle Homologation

Client Description

An international company specialized in the production of light and heavy industrial and commercial vehicles It distributes its products globally (Europe, the Middle East, North America, etc.).

Client Challenges

Following vehicle homologation, the Company needed a system capable of producing all the documentation necessary for vehicle registration The project was created with the aim of processing all orders and preparing all documents containing the homologation data necessary for registration To this end, the system had to be able to interact with external systems. Solutions

After analyzing the requirements, designed and implemented a highly flexible application that allows the configuration and generation of the documents necessary for vehicle registration To this end, the system interacts with various external systems, including those of the responsible governmental institutions In order to be able to register a vehicle, the system carries out the following macro activities:

  • Calculation of the vehicle weight
  • Calculation of the vehicle’s Co2 emissions
  • Interaction with the Italian Ministry of Transport
  • Production of the necessary hardcopy documents (PDF)
  • Production of the necessary electronic documents (XML)

The Results

Lower costs

  • Reduction of the time required for document generation
  • Reduction of human intervention

Lower risks

  • Reduction of the errors in document generation
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