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Applied Innovation & AR For Automotive Sector

Client Description

Global design, manufacturing and marketing group in the automotive sector

Client Challenges

The most important requirement expressed by the client was the creation of a 3D animation to enable remote technical training activities, for the launch of a new model of electric vehicle.

The solution adopted had to allow simplified and guided sharing of CAD mathematics, making it usable through a dedicated user interface, where the information illustrated the mechanical parts, driving dynamics and operating flows of the thermal system in a dynamic manner.

For the implementation, the client requested the application of easily transferable technologies on VR and AR platforms to facilitate practical and interactive learning, which would be also be suitable for advanced automotive technologies, thus effectively addressing the educational needs of the industry. Solutions

Management of key activities for interactive 3D instrument design and development:

  • Specific consultation on engineering components and associated physical phenomena.
  • Definition of scenarios and user-friendly interface.
  • JT/FBX mathematical conversion and capture.
  • CAD mathematical simplification, material creation & model colouration
  • Definition of selection maps and model navigation
  • Simulation subsystem and player component development
  • Creation of dynamic text translation mechanism
  • Verification of operation and performance

The Results

3D Animations

  • Optimised 3D models to guarantee usage performance
  • Interactive storyboards and animations specific to each of the ten intended scenarios

Navigation Interface

  • Interactive scenarios
  • 3D animations
  • Navigable data sheets
  • Specific interfaces for navigating individual scenarios
  • Dynamic translation system for all labels
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