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Implementation Of A Production Management System (MES) In The Energy And Telecommunications Sectors

Client Description

The company operates in the Energy and Telecommunications sectors. It is present in the following market segments in the Energy sector: Trade & Installers, Utilities & Network Components, Industrial Cables, offering the widest range of products, from low voltage cables to high and very high voltage systems.

Client Challenges

Implementation of a production management system (MES) that is able to meet the needs of in-line, non-batch production, paper-insulated and/or extruded underwater electrical cables Integration/revamping of production machines with the MES system, with a view to IOT/Industry 4.0 Defect management and resolution using analysis standards for the optimization of the production process:

  • CAPA (Corrective & Preventive Action)
  • FishBone (Cause/Effect Diagrams) Solutions

Design and development of the distributed MES system based on Client specifications:

  • Management of raw materials
  • Setting-up of the 20 production machines
  • Setting-up of the processing
  • Collection and analysis of production data
  • Non-Conformity management
  • Near Miss management (minor injuries or close calls)
  • Report production
  • Sending production data to the ERP
  • Team management

Each type of processing is associated with a specific machine, for which an ad hoc management module was been developed.

The Results

The system provides an optimal response to the needs of the factory, along the entire production and logistics cycle It is able to produce all the project documentation necessary to certify the cable and that needs to be provided to the Client The “history of the cable” that accompanies the product throughout its operational life is thereby documented. Given the hostile operating conditions in which an underwater cable operates, it is necessary for:

  • production to be certified
  • it to be possible to track the production phases of every single meter of cable
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