We deployed agile teams from our nearshore Centers of Excellence to bring agile methodologies to Thomson Reuters, resulting in an effectiveness of 97% by sprint.

With the assistance of agile teams or “squads,” our nearshore Mexico and Argentina Centers of Excellence worked to implement a consistent agile factory model for Thomson Reuters.

Agile Squads for Better Vision

One of the world’s most trusted providers of professional intelligence, technology, and experience services in the financial sector and international trade, Thomson Reuters needed a partner to help them adopt agile methodologies. The goal? Get the assistance of professionals who had knowledge of tax-related matters and form teams or “squads” that supported the inclusion of new functionalities in the corporate import and export applications.

In February 2019, we began our journey with Thomson Reuters, with our nearshore Mexico and Argentina Centers of Excellence leading the way.

Stefanini Nearshore Operations

Nearshore Operations in Mexico & Argentina

With a Mexico-based squad made up of 2 professionals (putting in 4,032 annual hours) and an Argentina-based squad made up of 7 professionals (putting in a combined 14,112 annual hours), we began the project by assigning the roles of Scrum Master and Scrum Team to perform product development and testing. Our deliveries included backlog and user stories, with three weeks per sprint.

Results & Benefits

We were able to implement a consistent agile factory model for Thomson Reuters, which allowed for better vision and planning for software releases. Further, we documented and distributed knowledge between the agile factory team and the client's IT team, following a transition methodology. Most compellingly, there was a reduction in the number of incidents in the production environment due to our applications of the test methodology and best development practices.

Today, our team continues to work with Thomson Reuters, participating in the newest version of the application Global Trade Management, one of the key products of Thomson Reuters used to carry out the management of international markets, international taxes, exports, and imports. Additionally, our team also assists with the Classifier module, a model that consolidates the different SKUs of products shipped via sea freight. We are happy to continue to assist Thomson Reuters in any way we can.

Agile Development with Stefanini

Stefanini offers the processes and tools to drive agile in multi-vendor, multidisciplinary settings through a globally distributed model. Our agile teams are built with business value in mind, and organized around desired results and value flows. We implement DevOps tools to ensure greater speed of execution in fast-paced agile iterations. Further, our LATAM Digital Hub is the best of both worlds, giving you access to competent nearshore talent and employees who thrive in multi-disciplinary roles that break down silos.

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