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Steftalks Webinar: COVID-19 And Our New Digital Habits

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the world as we know it. Attend our latest webinar to learn how the world has changed!

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the world as we know it. Instead of going to Happy Hour, we have drinks with friends virtually over a Zoom call. Instead of going to the movies, we watch Netflix Party with other family members. There are many ways the world has transformed before our eyes. And the new digital habits that have emerged to cope with the crisis are not likely to vanish from society after the pandemic has been controlled.

So, how have the digital and physical worlds merged since the advent of COVID-19?


Prior to COVID-19, we went about our lives without any preconception of how soon life as we knew it would change. Already, technology had slowly started to replace a lot of in-person interactions we had. For instance, we wouldn’t book airline tickets through an agent, instead preferring the convenience of online aggregators like Google Flights or Priceline. People were already beginning to shift toward eCommerce, with an added emphasis on the speediness of delivery and convenience of shipping and handling. And there were things we felt needed to happen in person – for instance, doctor’s appointments and school.

Indeed, the function of technology hadn’t yet reached the apex of necessity that it is today.

Today, WiFi and internet connections are a must as we wholly rely on the net for both school and work. People are living differently, buying differently, and in many ways, thinking differently. People are now more health-conscious than they were before. Instead of handshakes, we wave hello. We practice social distancing, keeping at least six feet away from each other when in public. And these concerns have moved to areas such as retail, speeding up the adoption of trends that were already underway.

The virus is reshaping the world around us in real-time, quickly accelerating long-term underlying trends in the span of a few months. And research indicates that new habits formed now will continue far beyond this crisis, permanently changing how we shop, what we value, and how we work and live.

As the crisis continues to go the course, by exploring the changes that are happening now, we can get a good picture as to what life will be like so we can prepare for permanent changes. 

The Webinar

In our latest webinar, “COVID-19: Embracing New Digital Habits,” the Marketing Department of Stefanini participated in a roundtable to discuss the many ways the world has been altered and how they have personally seen their own new digital habits take hold. It sure helped to shed a new light on a familiar topic!

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