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DevSecOps: Realizing Real-World Benefits

Application modernization is playing a crucial role in enabling businesses to meet modern expectations, allowing legacy applications to be updated to scalable, cloud-native environments. The true benefits of this process can only be realized, however, if the methodologies and technologies used during modernization support not only the product, but also the process of continuous evolution.

Gartner positions cloud security posture managament as a current priority, and DevSecOps can be understood as an accelerator for this strategy, being recognized in 2017 and 2018 studies as a strong trend. According to an IDC study, reported by ComputerWeekly, by 2024, 50% of all applications in the Asia Pacific region will be conducted through a DevSecOps process.

DevSecOps – an approach that involves thinking about application and infrastructure security from the start. If deployed in a scalable, automated and cloud-oriented way, DevSecOps becomes the accelerator and the path for adopting a cloud-native paradigm, allowing the DevOps and cloud-native continuous integration/continuous deployment pillars to be synchronized with the information security strategy, without loss of productivity and secure by design.

Simply understanding this connection will not be enough, however, and while the importance of DevOps, security practices and the integration of disciplines is already well understood by IT managers and executives, more questions still arise: how best to implement? How to measure the result? Is the gain real? What is the financial impact?

In this context, we are embracing the strategy and, as a driver for further gains, establishing a development platform, where the primary goal is to support software engineers and cloud engineers in the process of developing and designing cloud services, ensuring delivery quality, security, cost optimization, cost management and compliance throughout the application lifecycle.

But the practical approach must be extended beyond pure development practices, embracing security as part of the project since its conception breaks down silos, and the traditional view of security based on control evolves into context-based security.

It’s in this reality that webinar “DevSecOps:Realizing Real-World Benefits “ takes place, discussing how to convert these concepts and values into practical solutions, based on real-world experience. We look forward to bringing this to life  when we discuss on Thursday 15th October.

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