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Strengthening The Technology Fleet With DeVry University

DeVry University has nine brands serving higher education students around the world. Its largest brand serves more than 100,000 students looking to advance in their careers.

With a high volume of these students studying remotely, trouble tickets have always been a top priority for the institution – but during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, these tickets began to rapidly increase, and DeVry found itself in need of a partner with the ability to measure the health of the tech fleet and provide recommendations to repair efficiency lags. Stefanini was up for the challenge.

Client Description

DeVry University is a private university that aims to close the workforce opportunity gap by designing programs to help underrepresented groups stand out and kickstart their careers. The university’s numerous undergraduate and graduate programs are driven by the tech-centered needs of tomorrow’s industries.

Client Challenges

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, DeVry was presented with an opportunity to transition to a fully remote workforce for colleagues and fully remote instruction for students. With this transition, the university saw trouble tickets increase and struggled to pinpoint the customer experience, which up to this point had only been tracked through customer satisfaction surveys and word of mouth. DeVry was seeking a solution with the ability to measure the health of their technology fleet, identify areas for improvement, and increase student satisfaction overall.

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Stefanini Solutions

Stefanini’s analytics solution, d3, gave DeVry the ability to see what software and hardware the end user is using, how they’re using it, what they’re using it for and how effective those tools and applications are overall. With this information, the DeVry team was able to work collaboratively with Stefanini to reach transformative results.


With the information collected through d3, the Stefanini team was able to recommend alternative tools that could repair identified efficiency lags within DeVry’s fleet. The university was also able to leverage the dataset collected by Stefanini to understand the positive and negative within the student experience.

In early 2020, the university’s satisfaction scores were in the low 80% range. With the implementation of d3, DeVry saw these scores consistently increase before settling into a new normal around 94-95% satisfaction.

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Digital Workplace & Infrastructure

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“Stefanini has been a great partner in this and we’re making some significant strides.”

– Chris Campbell, Chief Information Officer
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