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Stefanini Cyber Defense Services – Use Cases

Even a single cyber security breach can cause millions of dollars in damage. In many cases, the best defense is an offensive and proactive solution. This article discusses several use cases from companies that leveraged our Cyber Defense Services in order to strengthen their overall security posture.

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The Business Challenge

Across a range of industry segments, these clients needed assistance identifying weaknesses in their network defenses and closing security vulnerabilities before they could be exploited. Whether securing websites, applications, or IT infrastructure, these companies needed to increase their security posture and secure IT processes.

The testimonials shared in this document show the overwhelming client satisfaction that we were able to provide. Our unique hybrid approach combined manual ethical hacking and penetration testing with managed automated scanning tools simulated realistic attack scenarios through a carefully controlled methodology that guarantees zero false positive.

This approach, combined with our world-class threat intelligence, incident response and threat hunting, and enterprise vulnerability management made Stefanini the right partner to protect client networks against an expanding attack surface.

Solving Client Challenges with Cyber Dense Services

The potential harm of a cyberattack can’t be overstated. With 15+ years of experience helping clients secure their organizations, our Cyber Defense Services have been designed with this in mind.

We met client security challenges by offering both emergency incident response assistance – for organizations who needed immediate support – as well as pre-negotiated, proactive defense services.

Additionally, our on-demand scanning service helped address compliance and regulatory demands, and penetration testing and ethical hacking delivered by Cyber Smart Defence, part of the Stefanini Group, provided a 360 degree view of the threat landscape. This ensured that clients could enhance their threat detection capabilities by proactively determining which threats represented the greatest risks to the organization overall.

Meanwhile, Enterprise Vulnerability Management capabilities provided client organizations with the knowledge, expertise and efficiency they needed to conduct thorough security evaluations across internal and external assets and applications in both on-premises and cloud environments.

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Strengthening Client Security Posture

Building and improving client company security posture required the use best practices in cyber security prevention in tandem with controlled ethical hacking methods that approached network security from an attacker’s perspective. Our hybrid approach was tailored for client specifics to ensure maximum security with minimum disruption to business continuity. In many cases, clients were so pleased with the improvements in the cyber security systems that they asked for our services to be used in additional projects.


  • Identified & prevented data leaks
  • Minimized and prioritized security risks
  • Secured client IT infrastructure
  • Predicted attacks and enabled agile response

Our Cyber Defense Services enabled client businesses to reduce and contain the impact of confirmed security incidents, identify which threats represented the greatest risk to their organization and ensured they could proactively identify vulnerabilities within their systems through penetration testing and ethical hacking.


  • Security maturity
  • Effective safety monitoring for any company
  • More Agility in cybersecurity processes
  • Security automations required for complex environments
  • Customization of technical performance


  • 24/7 Monitoring from our Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Forensic analysis
  • Cyber maturity assessment
  • Malware analysis
  • Anti-Phishing Training

Understand digital dangers and cybersecurity safeguards from Fabio Caversan’s Forbes article, here.

Enhance Cyber Defense Capabilities with Stefanini

Developing cybersecurity capabilities requires a careful examination of the existing components and features that make a production line successful.

Stefanini is ready to bring the latest and best digital tools needed to optimize your operation.

Our team of experts will examine your processes and use their knowledge to find the technology that meets the unique concerns of any business.

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