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Stefanini Group Announces 2,500 Jobs To Expand Operations Worldwide

In recent weeks, the world has been following a series of layoffs in the technology sector. According to, which tracks IT cuts, more than 120,000 people have lost their jobs, either because of the economic slowdown or pressure from investors to cut costs.

Against the grain of the market, Stefanini Group, a 35-year-old Brazilian multinational that is celebrated for providing digital solutions, accelerated hiring in the four regions where it operates: Brazil, Latam (Spanish-speaking countries), United States-Asia (APAC) and Europe (EMEA), as well as in the 30 companies that make up the innovation ecosystem (Stefanini Ventures).

In all, there are 2,500 career opportunities, including 700 in Europe, where the company closed a major contract with a multinational in the tobacco sector, and another 500 in North America and Asia.

Stefanini also has numerous job openings in areas involving Analytics, Banking, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Cloud, UX and Digital Marketing.

“We believe that the growth in vacancies is the result of portfolio diversification (geographical and business), financial discipline, with solid cash generation, continuity of the strategy of acquiring new companies, expanding recurring contracts and new clients”, says Rodrigo Pádua, Global VP of People and Culture at the Stefanini Group.

According to the executive, one of the factors that has attracted new talent is the Stefanini Everywhere project, developed in early 2020 and accelerated during the pandemic. By encouraging the hiring of professionals anywhere in the world, even if there is no office in the candidate’s home city, the presence of the Brazilian multinational has advanced globally to 2,500 cities.

Stefanini Everywhere Allows For Flexibility

Stefanini Everywhere has three work models: total, partial and flexible home office. That means employees have the option to work an alternative schedule, either earlier or later, according to personal needs and customer availability.

“The use of technologies developed in-house, such as the intelligent chatbot Sophie, allows you to attract, interview, select, hire and train remotely, which makes Stefanini a company without borders”, says Pádua, who was recently elected as HR of the Year in Latin America for an important industry award.

The new phase of the program provides for expansion in countries where the Stefanini Group does not yet have operations. “This whole movement reflects the entrepreneurial DNA of the corporation, which, despite operating in 41 countries with more than 30,000 employees, maintains the cell structure, which guarantees autonomy and responsibility”, comments the executive.

Digital Onboarding

With the use of new platforms, it is possible to implement digital onboarding, a process by which the new employee takes the interviews, tests and admission, without physical contact with the company. Training with agile methodologies can help in mapping talent and identifying employees who are available for new challenges.

The move toward remote work offers even greater potential.

According to the Global CEO of the Stefanini Group, Marco Stefanini, the important thing is to maintain balance, trust and create an increasingly humanized and digital employee experience, with sessions that allow you to get to know the culture and transit through the entire innovation ecosystem of the company .

“Between culture and technical knowledge, we prioritize culture and then train professionals. We rely on the Stefanini Academy, with digital onboarding platforms, mentoring on various subjects (career, innovation, leadership, technology, digital transformation, among other topics) and talent mapping to identify employees who are available for new challenges,” explains Marco Stefanini.

This balance between people, purposes and attitudes is what has ensured Stefanini maintains its strategy of acquisitions and attracting talent who want to grow with us”, Marco adds.

Digital Transformation

The process started in 2012 and accelerated five years ago with a series of acquisitions in different business verticals, boosted the growth of the group which, in celebrating its 35 years of existence, reiterates its ability to continually reinvent itself to meet the needs of its customers around the world. Currently, the global company of Brazilian origin has more than 1,000 active clients.

The group, which earned BRL 5 billion last year, expects to end 2022 with a global increase of 24%, reaching BRL 6.2 billion, equivalent to US$ 1.24 billion. A good part of the result comes from the innovation ecosystem represented by the Stefanini Ventures division, made up of more than 30 companies of different sizes and specialties, which are gathered in six main platforms: Analytics and AI, Banking & Payments, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, Digital Marketing and Technology.

In the last two years, Stefanini acquired 12 companies, seven of them in the first year of the pandemic.

“We will continue to grow with an eye on new opportunities, always attentive to the vision of the future and the needs of our customers. The basis of the mindset of digital thinking is entrepreneurial thinking, which will continue to guide us for several more decades, in different locations”, says Marco Stefanini, who foresees new acquisitions and opportunities still in the final weeks of 2022.

If you’re interested in a career with Stefanini Group, browse open positions here.

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