Unlocking the Potential of AI in Construction at Construction Forum 2024 in Romania! - Stefanini

Unlocking The Potential Of AI In Construction At Construction Forum 2024 In Romania!

Stefanini is excited to announce its participation in FORUMUL CONSTRUCŢIILOR in Romania on April 25, 2024, at the ARENA ONE in Bucharest! 

Stefanini will be present with a booth, providing a unique opportunity for participants to connect, engage, and explore innovative solutions with our team. 

The construction industry is no stranger to innovation, and as technology continues to evolve, so must the methods and tools used within it too. 

The upcoming Construction Forum 2024 promises an enlightening panel discussion on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be effectively applied within the construction sector. Among the esteemed speakers will be Andrei Georgescu, Digital Transformation Center Director at Stefanini EMEA. 

Georgescu brings a wealth of expertise in business consulting alongside a deep understanding of IT service management and data analysis.  

His dedication to fostering growth, innovation, and strategic vision makes him a valuable voice in discussing the application of AI within the construction industry. 

As businesses look towards incorporating advanced technological solutions for effective scalability and market positioning, embracing ground-breaking technologies becomes crucial for driving innovation and growth. 

Small business owners through enterprise companies can benefit from this approach by building a 360° digital vision that aligns with their unique heritage while protecting them for future success. 

Digital Transformation allows you not only to adapt but also thrive – preparing you for what lies ahead in your respective markets. 

As we move closer toward FORUMUL CONSTRUCŢIILOR 2024‘s insightful discussions around AI applications in construction; seize this opportunity to discover how Innovation with Stefanini can pave the way for your organization’s transformative journey towards excellence. 

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