Stefanini Shapes the Future of Work in Romania: Attracting Top Talent and Fostering Growth - Stefanini

Stefanini Shapes The Future Of Work In Romania: Attracting Top Talent And Fostering Growth

At Stefanini, we’re committed to building a future-proof workforce, and Romania plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Here, we explore our unique approach to talent acquisition and development in this strategic hub for our operations.

Standing Out from the Crowd

We understand the importance of tailoring our global recruitment strategies to the specific strengths of each region. Romania boasts a highly skilled IT talent pool with a diverse mix of technical, non-technical, and soft skills – a perfect fit for our BPO and IT sectors. This diverse talent pool is a significant asset for Stefanini, as emphasized by Andreea Miron, HR EMEA Director, and Bruno Szarf, Global HR Director at Stefanini Group.

The Romanian IT market is highly competitive, so attracting top talent requires a proactive approach. We achieve this by fostering a dynamic start-up mentality within our structure. We actively engage with current students and universities through partnerships, and offer internal apprenticeships and external internship programs. Maintaining a strong presence at tech events and fostering clear communication with our delivery teams are also crucial aspects of our recruitment strategy.

Adapting Our Global HR Strategy for EMEA and Romania

Stefanini acknowledges the importance of adapting its global HR strategies to address the specific dynamics of the EMEA region, with a particular focus on Romania. This includes embracing female leadership and aligning with the region’s unique characteristics.

Addressing the Global Talent Shortage

We combat the global talent shortage by prioritizing the development and retention of our existing workforce. Our company culture emphasizes nurturing talent through initiatives like the Stefanini Academy, designed to equip professionals for long-term careers within Stefanini. Additionally, we prioritize retaining talent who demonstrate commitment and growth alongside the organization. Furthermore, we leverage automation for routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on more creative and strategic projects, leading to a more engaging work environment.

Looking Ahead: Embracing Challenges and Opportunities in Romania

The Romanian recruitment landscape presents both challenges and opportunities. In response to the uncertain economic climate, we emphasize internal mobility programs to ensure employee continuity and address potential hesitation regarding career changes. Additionally, acknowledging the rising cost of living and its impact on salary expectations, we aim to balance financial needs with a robust offering of non-financial benefits.

Finally, we bridge the generational gap within the workforce by investing in leadership development programs. These programs provide guidance on navigating a multi-generational team and fostering a supportive and dynamic work environment. Initiatives like the “Leading with the 4 mindsets” internal training course equip leaders with the tools to meet the expectations of the new generation.

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