35 Years Making the Unthinkable Possible - Stefanini

35 Years Making The Unthinkable Possible

The year was 1987 when geologist Marco Stefanini created Stefanini in his living room – a technology company in Brazil that was born from its founder’s dream of being an entrepreneur.

At that time, the country was experiencing an unfavorable economic situation and, besides the determination and hard work of its founders, lacked many resources. With annual inflation above 300% for the first two months of the year, it would only get worse. The president at that time, Jose Sarney announced in February that he would not pay the foreign debt. In one day, the value of a dollar plummeted from 27 cruzados to 35 cruzados.

Even in a period of great uncertainty, when prices everywhere skyrocketed overnight, Marco Stefanini and Graca Sajovik Stefanini used the innovation in their DNA to transform the crisis into an opportunity. Thus, Stefanini was born, with a desire to do something different, and to make the unimaginable, possible for both the company and for its customers.

Resilience, hard work, and the ability to envision the future were never traits that Stefanini’s founders lacked. 35 years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine what that company, formed only by Graca and Marco, would become.

With more than 30,000 employees in 41 countries on 5 continents, Stefanini is the largest Latin American technology company, facing off with multinational giants and successfully acquiring more than 1000 customers. The acquisitions gained from both inside and outside of Brazil allowed the company to become one of the most internationalized in the country, according to the Dom Cabral Foundation ranking (FDC), a Brazilian business school focused on the development and training of executives, entrepreneurs, and public managers.

The entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, the focus on our clients, and the search for opportunities where others only saw crisis were, and continue to be, what fuels our journey.

Opportunity in Crisis

A few months after the creation of Stefanini, as previously mentioned, Brazil entered one of the biggest crises in its history. During this time, the values, mission and DNA that characterize Stefanini to this day were born: The ability to understand the moment; the flexibility to adapt to client’s needs in the face of challenges; and the resilience to turn any challenge into an opportunity.

Faced with the countless challenges of the company in these years, Stefanini never stopped growing and never stopped being profitable. On the contrary, our vision was sharpened, and our ability to find opportunities strengthened, making these moments the great drivers of Stefanini’s growth.

It is no accident that its founder and global CEO, Marco Stefanini, is known as the “Son of the Crisis,” which is also the title of his biography, written by journalist Rogerio Godinho, and tells his story. Always active in his sector and encouraging entrepreneurship, the executive was one of the founders of the Association of Information and Communication Technology (TIC) and Digital Technologies (BRASSCOM) Companies.




It was challenges that led Stefanini to be the pioneer Brazilian company in internationalization. Stefanini arrived in Argentina in 1996, its first office outside of Brazil, when it was unimaginable to consider the success of a Brazilian technology multinational. Today, Stefanini is named the 5th largest Brazilian company with greater international presence, according to an assessment by the Dom Cabral institution.

There have been many moments where we have redefined and recreated Stefanini, and many successes have marked its history over these 35 years: The arrival in the United States (2001), India (2006), Belgium (2010), and China (2011) that were not only an accomplishment for Stefanini, but also a sign of the technological potential that Brazil has in store.


Always focused on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, Stefanini has been experiencing exponential growth. Focused on innovation and on advancement and thinking about providing the best business solutions for its customers, Stefanini never became complacent.

After ten years of organic growth, it was time for Stefanini to accelerate its expansion and reinforce its position as one of the best IT drivers in the world. In 1998, the company started its acquisition strategy, focused on diversifying its digital solutions and strengthening its global presence.

One of the decisive steps in this trajectory, unimaginable for its founder years ago, was taken in 2010 when Stefanini made its first international acquisition, reinforcing its presence in the United States, a cradle of technology opportunities- and expanding its presence from 17 to 28 countries.

Acquisitions have multiplied, adding up today to more than 30 companies that compile the Stefanini Group. 10 of these were acquired during the last two years, when, as we all know, the world was largely in stasis due to the pandemic. This is yet another example of how we are capable of overcoming crisis.

With a varied portfolio of “smart offers” designed to solve the business challenges of its customers, Stefanini operates in six main business platforms: Analytics and AI, Banking and Finance, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, Digital Marketing, and Technology. All areas seek to establish relationships that ensure sustainable business growth, positioning themselves as a robust open innovation ecosystem.


Awards in 2021

  • Recognized as “Company of the Decade in Vision of the Future” by Época Negócios 360º.
  • Recognized in the Top 100 Corps 2021 ranking, published by the 100 Open Startups platform, winning 1st place in the Professional Services category and 6th position in the general ranking.
  • 1st place in the “Best of Dinheiro 2021” award in the “Technology and Software” category
  • Recognized as one of the 250 largest companies in the country by the Value 1000 (ranked 7th in the final ranking and 226th in the general ranking).
  • 1st place in the Open Finance Awards in the category “Solutions for the payment ecosystem” with the Topaz OFD Onboarding toolkit by TOPAZ.
  • 1st place in the CONAREC Award in the “CPOs” category in the Active Sales category – Small and Medium Operations – with Necxt Orbitall.
  • 1st place in the Financial Inclusion category in the Banking Transformation Award, with Orbitall Payments’ Banking in a Box solution.
  • 1st place in the ‘Integrators – Large Size’ segment, at the Informática Hoje 2021 Award, by Fórum Editorial.
  • Leaders of Brazil Award 2021, promoted by LIDE, in the Innovation in Services category.
  • Rio 2021 Leaders Award, promoted by LIDE, in recognition of the work and achievements that contribute to the expansion of the environment of innovation, business, economic and social growth, income generation, increasing the sustainable development of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Awards in 2020

  • 2nd place in the Época Negócios 360º Award in the Technology/Services category and 11th place in the general ranking of the 334 companies evaluated in the award
  • Top three among the most innovative in the Information Technology category. The company won the 3rd position, being the 1st Brazilian company in the category ranking in the Valor Inovação Brasil Award (2020)
  • Whow! Innovation: In addition to being among the ten most innovative companies in Brazil, Stefanini was the big winner in the Information Technology category and also the Innovative Women Award in the Science and Technology category.
  • 2020 Digital Transformation Banking Report Award – Orbitall is the winner with the Banking in a Box solution.
  • TeleSíntese Award (Editorial Moment) – Orbitall is the winner with the Banking in a Box solution.
  • Top 3 most innovative companies in the Digital Industry category – IT and Telecom in the ranking of the 100+ Innovators in the Use of IT – IT Mídia Group
  • Internationalization highlight of the special edition “Study FDC Trajectories of Internationalization of Brazilian Companies”, in partnership with Bexs Banco – In 13 editions, Stefanini was the company that most often ranked first in terms of number of countries
  • The Best of Money 2020 – In the Technology category, the company took second place in the Human Resources and Corporate Governance categories

Awards in 2019

  • 1st place in the Época Negócios 360º Award in the Innovation and Software/Services categories
  • Winner of IT Mídia’s 100+ IT Innovators Award in the Digital Industry category
  • Most Innovative in the Whow Awards Overall and Technology Industry Rankings of Innovation
  • Relationship Leadership of the Modern Consumer Decade – Standard Group
  • Overall Highlight in Corporate Governance at Melhores de Dinheiro 2019
  • Winner of the ISG Provider Lens in the category Dgital Business Transformation 2018/2019
  • Rio 2019 Leaders Award, promoted by LIDE
  • Second most innovative privately held brand by the Empresas Mais do Estadão Yearbook
  • Third place in the Best Digital Industry category by Exame Melhores e Maiores
  • Third place in the technology sector in the Valor Inovação Award
  • Winner of the e-Finance Award in the “Monitoring and Performance” and “Public Policy” categories
  • ABEMD Prize Gold and Silver Trophies
  • Silver Trophy at the 2019 ABT Award in the category ‘People Management’
  • Top 3 in the Customer SA 2019 Award in the Payment Means Processing and Contact Center Services category

Recognition in 2018

  • FDC Ranking of Internationalization of Brazilian Companies: 5th most internationalized company for the fourth consecutive year
  • 360º Business Season
  • 1st place in Technology – Software and Services and Innovation of the Época Negócios 360º Award/ 5th place in the general ranking
  • Top 5 in the Information Technology sector in the Valor Inovação Brasil 2018 Award
  • Value 1000

8th place in the sector, being 1st in Asset Turnover and Interest Coverage, 2nd in profitability

  • Best & Greatest Exam 2018: 10th place in digital industry
  • Best of Dinheiro 2018: 4th place in the Technology Software and Services sector
  • Anuário Informática Hoje 2018 and Anuário Telecom 2018, promoted by Fórum Editorial
  • Highlight in the Large Integrator category and highlight of the year in Integration Services
  • Best Companies in IDHO (Human and Organizational Development Index), according to Grupo Gestão RH
  • The +Digital company in the Multinational category of the +Digital Institute
  • Received the 2018 Companies that Best Communicate with Journalists Award
  • “Reader’s Choice 2018” – Inforchannel
  • Categories: Enterprise Software Applications / Business Intelligence / Outsourcing

Recognition in 2017

  • 1st place in the Information Technology sector in the Valor Inovação Brasil 2017 Award
  • 1st place in the “Technology – Software and Services” sector of the Época Negócios 360º Yearbook
  • Melhores & Maiores – Exame Magazine – 2nd place in the Digital Industry category
  • 2nd place in the “Technology – Software and Services” sector in the publication As Melhores da Dinheiro 2017
  • 5th most internationalized company for the third consecutive year, according to the FDC Brazilian Multinationals Ranking 2017, in addition to maintaining its leadership in the number of countries where it has subsidiaries and third in terms of assets.
  • Company of the Year by Anuário Informática Hoje, from Fórum Editorial, and a highlight in the large integrators segment.
  • Recognized as a Technology Partner of CA Technologies. The recognition is unique in Latin America and is given to solutions that, together with CA, build technological offerings of high added value.
  • It occupies the 29th place among the 100+ Innovators in the Use of IT 2017, ranking promoted by IT Mídia, in partnership with PwC.
  • Best support team among HDI Brasil service providers, in the “Best external team” category, for the operation carried out in the CPFL Energia Group
  • It is among the three best companies in the Information Technology sector, in the “Best Purchasing BPO Supplier” category, in the Inbrasc (Brazilian Institute of Supply Chain) award. In its 2nd edition, the award covers the entire Supply Chain and Purchasing sector in the country.
  • The Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP), linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT), also honored Stefanini with a plaque, at the first Finep Meeting for Innovation, held in Fortaleza, in recognition of the efforts to invest in innovation in the Northeast

Recognition 2016

  • Best & Biggest – Exame Magazine
  • Best private sector company in the Digital Industry category
  • 2nd place in growth – Digital Industry category
  • 4th position in terms of current liquidity
  • 9th place in the wealth ranking
  • 360º da Época Negócios
  • The yearbook, which contains five rankings, highlighted Stefanini in the Ability to Innovate and Technology categories.
  • Ranking published in Valor Inovação Brasil 2016, by Valor Econômico newspaper
  • Stefanini is among the three most innovative technology companies in the country
  • As Melhores da Dinheiro 2016 – Stefanini is six-time champion in the Technology, Software and Services category
  • Marco Stefanini receives the 2016 Leaders of Brazil Award in the Information Technology Leader category
  • Stefanini is awarded as one of the “Companies that best communicate with journalists”, based on a survey promoted by the Center for Communication Studies (CECOM) and Negócios da Comunicação magazine.

Recognition in 2015

  • Dom Cabral Foundation – Multinational Companies:
    • 5th place in the Ranking of Brazilian Multinationals 2015
    • 2nd place as multinational with the largest international presence in number of countries
    • 2nd place by asset index
  • Forbes Brazil: Stefanini is among the 10 most promising Brazilian multinationals in the global market
  • Value Innovation Brazil 2015: Stefanini is among the four best in ICT in the Valor Inovação Brasil 2015 ranking
  • Lide Magazine: Marco Stefanini is among the 50 leaders of the decade

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