Stefanini at Operational Excellence & Process Transformation Summit - March 20-22, 2024, Munich - Stefanini

Stefanini At Operational Excellence & Process Transformation Summit - March 20-22, 2024, Munich

We’re excited to share that Stefanini will be actively participating in the Operational Excellence & Process Transformation Summit from March 20-22, 2024, in Munich. This summit is a key event exploring the dynamic landscape of Operational Excellence amidst evolving technologies.

With advanced technologies like Generative AI and RPA maturing, Operational Excellence is skyrocketing, automating numerous business processes, including knowledge-intensive activities. Stefanini recognizes the significance of this trend and eagerly contributes to discussions on the convergence of technology and operational excellence.

Key Insights:

  • Digital Transformation Challenges: We’ll address why businesses struggle in their Digital Transformation and if it stems from a lack of Operational Excellence foundation.
  • Timeless Disciplines: Explore leading change, soft skills, and organizational culture in the evolving landscape of Operational Excellence.

Key Topics:

  1. OPEX and Digital Transformation: Strategies for Operational Excellence in harnessing the potential of digital transformation.
  2. Agile and Lean Methodologies: Breaking new ground and reshaping the operational landscape.
  3. Customer Experience Dimension: How operational excellence contributes to a new customer experience dimension.
  4. Sustainability and Green Operations: Paving the way for a circular economy in the era of climate change.
  5. Generative AI for OPEX: Leveraging AI for operational excellence in the digital transformation journey.
  6. AI-Driven Data Strategy: A catalyst for business transformation.
  7. Data-Driven Decision Making: A state-of-the-art approach in operational excellence.
  8. Supply Chain Resilience: Building resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Meet Us at Stand Number 2: Our team of experts will be available for discussions and insights throughout the summit. Connect with us to explore innovative solutions and shape the future of Operational Excellence. We look forward to fruitful interactions and collaborative engagements at this prestigious event.

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