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Women In Cybersecurity: Insights From Stefanini's EMES Division

By celebrating International Women’s Day, we want to acknowledge the valuable contributions women bring in our organization through their day-to-day efforts, with their presence, curiosity and perseverance to face challenges.

This year, in our spotlight we have invited colleagues from our EMEA Modern Enterprise Services team, as they simply inspire us with their grit, determination and persistence. We invite you to discover the world of Cybersecurity through their lens.

Let’s introduce Alexandra Vlad (CSS Monitoring Analyst), Anamaria Tapuc  (CSS Sr Monitoring Analyst) and Andreea Comsit (CSS Jr Program Officer), who want to empower future generations to explore and excel in the dynamic and impactful field of cybersecurity.

Curiosity paves the way for Anamaria

Anamaria’s journey into cybersecurity began with a simple yet powerful force: curiosity. Starting in Stefanini’s service desk team in 2019, Anamaria’s observant nature led her to question how the cybersecurity division spend their day. Despite initial uncertainties, she embraced the challenge and transitioned to cybersecurity, driven by her desire to explore and understand the digital realm even more. Her story shows  the importance of following one’s curiosity and seizing opportunities for growth, even in unfamiliar territory. : “You must always trust in yourself, don’t let others bring you down and try to express your point of view with confidence. Be fearless and don’t be afraid of failure.”

Andreea is navigating complexity with confidence

Andreea’s journey into cybersecurity mirrors her fearless approach to tackling challenges. Initially drawn to networking and programming, she found herself intrigued by the omnipresence of cybersecurity in everyday life. Embracing the opportunity to learn and adapt, Andreea transitioned seamlessly into cybersecurity, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a meaningful impact. Her story highlights the importance of embracing change and continuously honing one’s skills in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. “Be persistent in everything you do. If you really want something, you fight for it.”

Navigating challenges with grace is Alexandra’s power

Alexandra’s journey in cybersecurity is a testament to perseverance and dedication. Starting with minimal knowledge in the field, she embraced the opportunity to learn and grow within Stefanini’s cybersecurity division. Through hands-on experience and a supportive team environment, Alexandra progressed from tackling basic tasks to handling complex cybersecurity projects with confidence. “I have the opportunity to learn a lot of things and I love that I can learn by doing. Also, I have a great team, so supportive.”

Through their collective experiences, Anamaria, Andreea, and Alexandra offer a sneak peak of their attitude in how they approach their career in Cybersecurity. Join us in saluting the women of cybersecurity, whose passion, expertise, and resilience are shaping the future of digital security one keystroke at a time.

At Stefanini, we believe in fostering an environment where talent knows no bounds and innovation knows no limits. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, forging ahead towards a safer, more secure digital world.

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