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Success Stories: Empowering Growth In Local Operations

Step into the dynamic Local Operations division, where the company’s core values and unique culture set the stage for remarkable career growth. In this interview, from 2 different countries but in the same team, Nicolas Luisi, Local Operations division representative within CSI and Transformation team in Switzerland and Ilies Sait, Team Leader in France, share insights from their start in the company and what are the key values they found useful in their career progression at Stefanini EMEA.

Nicolas Luisi began his Stefanini journey in 2017, initially joining as a Deskside Technician. His incline for leadership soon convinced him to apply and receive the role of Team Leader for the Deskside team in France. Over the course of nearly three years, Nicolas developed his leadership skills, navigating challenges and fostering a collaborative spirit within his team. During his time at Stefanini he transitioned into the role of Regional Service Delivery Manager for a prominent client, marking a significant milestone in his career trajectory. His career trajectory continued to evolve as he recently transitioned to a new role within the CSI and Transformation team. This ongoing journey of growth is driven by Nicolas’s proactive approach to embracing new opportunities that align with his evolving interests and aspirations.

For Ilies Sait, his journey with Stefanini commenced more recently, nine months ago joining in the role of Deskside Technician as well. Inspired by the team spirit and openness witnessed within the team, Ilies embarked on his Stefanini journey with optimism and enthusiasm: “The best ambassadors for companies are the employees… I saw the open-mindedness of the team, and that’s why I chose this company.” Despite the initial challenges in adapting to a new environment, Ilies found support in the warmth and friendliness extended by his colleagues. Their mentorship and teamwork facilitated a seamless integration, paving the way for meaningful contributions and collaborative work across diverse projects. In a short period of time, eager to grow and replicate what he learnt with his first client experience at Stefanini, Ilies took on the opportunity to transition to a Team Leader role for one of our major clients, working on challenges related to important changes over there. This move reflects his dedication to personal and professional growth, as well as his readiness to tackle significant challenges and drive positive change within the organization.

Central to their experiences is the company’s unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. Nicolas emphasizes the various opportunities for professional development, like the dedicated training programs and accessible learning platforms as drivers for growth: “Stefanini is a really good environment for leaning along the way. We encourage people taking ownership of their mistakes, that way we are aware of it, can correct it, fix it, learn from it, and help the employee getting better via coaching and training. Otherwise it just remains a yet-to-discover mistake that will blow up at some point.” He highlights the significance of Stefanini’s internal mobility, noting the ease with which individuals can transition between roles and explore new paths within the organization. For Ilies, it’s the people-centric approach and the palpable sense of teamwork that defines the workplace here.

Their advice to prospective candidates mirrors their own experiences – prioritize openness, curiosity, and a willingness to learn. Beyond individual growth lies the essence of teamwork and collaboration, integral to Stefanini’s success. Nicolas and Ilies recount instances of facing challenges and navigating complex projects, all made possible by the unwavering support and teamwork exhibited by their colleagues. They emphasize the importance of trust, communication, and collective problem-solving in overcoming obstacles and achieving shared goals.

About Local Operations

Stefanini’s Local Operations division thrives within an international mindset of growth and opportunity. This division operates at the intersection of location and innovation, managing services where the teams work on the front lines, directly at client sites with the Stefanini knowledge and support by their side. The division stretches across many countries, touching base in locations as diverse as Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands, the UK, France, Italy and more. Here, professionals are invited to challenge the constraints of traditional career paths, embrace new challenges, connect across borders, and make a meaningful impact on Stefanini’s global footprint.

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