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Stefanini Company And ANIS Association Partner To Drive Innovation In The Tech Industry

The collaboration between Stefanini and ANIS- Employers’ Association of the Romanian IT&C Industry heralds a mutual commitment to nurturing innovation, driving growth, and shaping the future of technology in Romania and beyond.

Benefits of Partnership

Through this strategic alliance, Stefanini gains access to a wide array of resources, insights, and networking opportunities provided by ANIS. This includes access to cutting-edge industry research, valuable networking events, and collaborative initiatives aimed at advancing the tech ecosystem.

We are excited to join forces with ANIS as we continue our mission to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions to our clients,” said Eliza Irimia, CFO at Stefanini EMEA Company. “This partnership underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and further strengthens our position as a leading global player in the tech industry.”

ANIS Welcomes Stefanini

ANIS is known for promoting excellence within the tech community. The association welcomes Stefanini as a valued member, acknowledging their expertise and global presence.

“We are delighted to welcome Stefanini to the ANIS Community,” said Corina Vasile, Executive Director at ANIS. “Their involvement enhances our collective voice in the economic landscape, enabling us to make a more substantial contribution to the evolution of Romania’s technology sector and to shape its future trajectory.”

Future Prospects

Together, Stefanini & ANIS are poised to unlock new opportunities, drive growth, and make a lasting impact on the tech industry. With this promising collaboration ahead, the two organizations aim to bring about significant changes within the Romanian tech landscape. 

About ANIS

ANIS – the Employers’ Association of the Software and IT Services Industry, has been shaping Romania’s IT landscape for 25 years. Representing over 165 companies, ANIS fosters industry growth, generating skilled jobs and contributing over 65% of the national IT revenue.

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