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Supporting Sustainability In DACHs Chemical Industries – An Interview With Nick Monger

Following our previous article on the challenges and issues facing DACHs (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) chemical industries, Nick Monger, our Business Development Director dives into possible solutions for increasing the sustainability of this economically critical industry.

What should DACH chemical producers be prioritising to increase sustainability in their organisations?

Nick commented that “Chemical manufacturers should look to focus their efforts on how they can disrupt the manufacturing process to reduce manufacturing complexity, save time and manage waste.”

They can do this by investing in:

  1. Intensive research and development (R&D)
    DACH chemical companies can use R&D to source sustainable technologies, ways to implement industry 4.0 and promote green solutions
  2. Optimisation and predictive maintenance
    Digital solutions can support optimisation, identify areas of waste, suggest improvements, provide roadmaps for upgrades or fixes and drive efficiency

  3. Data analytics and smart manufacturing

Use the power of big data to understand inefficiency, look at each component of every machine to ensure its running at optimal levels

What are the main dos and don’ts for increasing sustainability in the chemicals industry?


  • Focus on digitalisation and new tech
  • Find a partner who can cocreate with you. Who can take your unique way of working and create a solution that meets those challenges.


  • Don’t wait! These challenges will not solve themselves and the competition isn’t waiting

What support is available for German chemical manufacturers?

Nick commented that “Lots of other outsourcing companies have great solutions but they are boiler plate implementations and customisations are extra. Our ethos of “cocreation” means the solutions we implement fit the unique needs of each business.

We combine local knowledge, an understanding of the large global context and a custom approach that tailors industry best practice to individual pain points. This ensures the solutions we find are tailored to help you build sustainability while staying profitable and relevant.”

Find out more about how we can help you meet the challenges of sustainability in our report or contact us to discuss how we can help your business meet the challenges.

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