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Enhancing Website SEO For The Beverage Industry

Company Description:

One of the biggest internationally known companies with 500 beverage brands. Its 2018 revenue was $54B with the support of 175,000 employees in 50 countries worldwide.


With hundreds of large company brands, the company was looking for a platform to monitor and better understand each brand’s favorability and performance.


We did a full analysis of social content and social listening to assure appropriate communication and formats on each channel. Our team also completed a technical assessment of digital platforms, including applications, website, and social media. This process reviewed code quality, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and media pixel tagging.

Following the analysis, we implemented changes to the website for SEO and updated promotional campaign techniques. We also created and built a new platform to aggregate brand evaluation data. The platform shows each brand’s performance in a clear, concise dashboard.


The updates to the website for SEO enhancement reduced the need for Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns by 20%, saving time, money, and resources. Our strategy for promotional campaigns also increased conversions 30%, bringing in new sales leads.

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