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6 Capabilities Of An SAP Intelligent Enterprise

The SAP intelligent enterprise can enhance customer experience, apply advanced technology, get insights from data, and much more. Get the scoop in our Trends blog!

The term “intelligent enterprise” can draw a number of interesting reactions from people. Some picture a dystopic future working model, in which artificial intelligence (AI) infiltrates the workplace, taking with it millions of jobs. Others are more open to the idea, favorably embracing the variety of ways machines can complement current jobs.

In reality, an intelligent enterprise can be found anywhere in the world and uses technology to fundamentally change the way it works, which unleashes a tremendous amount of value. But what is an intelligent enterprise and how does it relate to SAP? Read on for the answer!

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What Is An SAP Intelligent Enterprise?

According to SAP, an intelligent enterprise applies advanced technologies and best practices within integrated, agile processes. This approach helps it to be more profitable, resilient, and sustainable, while also transforming into a best-run business. Forbes expands on the definition, stating that these companies use modern cloud-based technologies like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) to better use their data to get real-time insights about operations, market environment and customers. Rather than being a product, an intelligent enterprise is a mindset that involves using modern strategies and processes, and is powered by an intelligent suite of technology solutions.

Intelligent enterprises are not limited to Fortune 500 companies – SMBs are also seeing the opportunity to transform their business models to become more customer-focused, more flexible, and more responsive to market demand.

Business processes are being improved, with tools like process automation taking care of previously tedious and time-consuming back office finance operations like receivables. This approach can be particularly helpful for businesses that are managing global workforces that can include hundreds of consultants, contractors, and resources in numerous countries simultaneously. On the other hand, other businesses are using data for both running the business and research, which allows them to design new products while forecasting their revenues more accurately than ever before.

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Enabling the Customer Experience

When creating the intelligent enterprise, businesses should first define the customer experience (CX) they want to deliver, both to clients and their own employees. This focus raises questions like, when the end customer has a problem, how should the customer be serviced? Ideally, rather than pestering the customer with follow-up calls, an intelligent enterprise would connect the customer through one call with a service person who gets it and fixes the issue in real time.

While many companies talk about being consumer-centric, most are still firmly centered on lines of business created around products and operations. This mindset proves to be an issue for more consumers, who live in a digital world and expect companies to understand them at an individual level. Further, they want to be engaged with in a way that’s relevant and personalized to them in any channel they choose to interact in.

Meeting customer expectations calls for more than merely running outdated, isolated CRM and ERP systems; it involves using technology to allow customer service representatives to better serve the customer across the supply chain. By creating new customer experiences, intelligent enterprises also transform their employee experiences. Now, employees are able to better listen to customers, company partners, and other workers through business channels and big data.

Six SAP Intelligent Enterprise Strategy

As we’ve previously mentioned in this article, intelligent enterprises are more resilient, profitable and sustainable, and become best-run businesses. In fact, SAP lists six capabilities of SAP intelligent enterprises:

1.      Intelligent Suite

SAP offers an integrated suite of applications to support end-to-end business processes. This suite assists with managing every part of an organization, including employees, product, customers, finance, spend, and IT. By using embedded analytics, SAP is able to provide a 360-degree view of the business.

2.      Industry Cloud

The SAP cloud platform enables businesses to discover and deploy vertical solutions from SAP and partners, leading to the application of leading-edge industry best practices and extending current business processes.

3.      Business Technology Platform

This digital platform provides analytics and data management, supports application development and integration, and allows businesses to use intelligent technologies like conversational AI, machine learning, and IoT to drive innovation.

4.      Experience Management

In order to make the right decisions, businesses need to understand what people want and how they feel. Experience management solutions provide insights into the sentiments and feelings of employees, customers, and other business stakeholders.

5.      Sustainability Management

To run sustainably also translates to being best-run. SAP solutions for sustainability are able to help customers understand and manage their impact on people and the environment.

6.      Business Network

The SAP business network assists businesses in digitalizing cross-company business processes. The network builds upon current procurement travel and contingent workforce solutions to help intelligent enterprises collaborate and create flexible value chains.

By taking advantage of the above capabilities, intelligent enterprises can achieve the best possible results, unlock new sources of growth, and most importantly, become industry leaders.

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Stefanini’s SAP Solutions

At Stefanini, we are able to integrate across areas like customer experience, networking and management to make intelligent systems. We are using an out-of-the-box integration, which represents the set of readily usable integration components that can connect a suite of applications. Work with us and you’ll get:

  • Digital Transformation Roadmap Planning and Assessment Services
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  • Digital Core Applications – S4HANA
  • Cloud Factory
  • Digital Dive with Collaborative Agile Business Prototyping
  • Architecture Services
  • Stefanini Integration Suite

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