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Innovation In The Chemical Industry

Company Description:

Helping farmers feed the world, this leading producer of fertilizer operates in more than 60 countries worldwide. It has about 17,000 employees and reported revenue of more than $12B in 2018.


The client needed to measure inventory volume inside the warehouse safely. It used a manual laser to measure granulated fertilizer, requiring employees to walk the 12-meter tall piles. This was unsafe, costly, slow, and an inefficient method.


The Stefanini team worked with the client for a deep immersion of the customer’s environment and challenge. The team proposed a solution with a Drone and onboard laser scanner (LiDAR) for a 3D profile of the inventory. With the addition of sensors, the Drone could perform an autonomous flight indoors. Following a flight, a specialized algorithm calculated an accurate volume.


After the Drone and algorithm solution was applied, inventory measurement improved to 98% accuracy. It also reduced the time to calculate inventory measures from 24 hours to only 40 minutes. Most importantly, it eliminated the safety risks associated with the manual operation.

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