Continuous Service Improvement

Manage and Maintain All of  Your IT Processes

When your company’s IT department needs to be connected, stabilized, and designed to hit the ground running, hiring an expert team to handle the initial setup is just the beginning. You need a way to consistently manage and maintain all of your IT processes and services, as technology constantly evolves and fluctuates in this ever-changing digital era.

That’s why Stefanini offers solutions for Continuous Service Improvement (CSI), our commitment to delivering excellent results. The ability to rely on our solutions allows you to reallocate your valuable time and effort, from IT maintenance to the aspects of your business that are paramount to your overall company success and require the most active attention. 

By choosing Stefanini to provide a service or desk support for your business, you will receive CSI STRIKE managed by our Continuous Service Improvement team.  STRIKE carries out our commitment to delivering superior results.

STRIKE with Stefanini CSI

Service Excellence
• Manage the performance of service levels • Provide effective service & support processes • Configure tools, built for service • Monitor agent performance, quality and feedback
• Consult and develop training and curriculum • Prepare new hires through training • Assess skills through testing • Continuously evaluate training methods and tools
• Develop and deliver contractual reports • Report on internal operational performance, for both service and agent • Examine SLAs and KPIs for best business practice and service efficacy
Intraday Coordination
• Manage inbound SLA performance • Assign agent skills and tasks • Control open incidents and requests •
• Consult, customize and create knowledge across all programs • Monitor knowledge health via scorecards • Promote knowledge usage and integration into daily processes
Employee Operations
• Schedule development and delivery to achieve required performance goals • Perform forecasting for inbound channel volume • Implement workforce sizing and proactive staff change actions

Continuous Service Improvement

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