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Improving Efficiency and Experience Through True Collaboration

Global capital goods Company CNH Industrial used to work with multiple IT providers across Europe. This meant it wasn’t always clear to employees who they should get in touch with when they encountered a technical problem or wanted to check progress on the Company’s major systems updates. It was also difficult for the business to build an accurate picture of how efficiently its IT function was operating, as the different providers were using different metrics – and reporting on these at different times.

That all began to change when Stefanini – following a 10-year relationship with CNH Industrial in South America – was appointed to transform the efficiency and user-friendliness of the company’s European IT operations. This ambitious end-to-end program kicked off with help desk support in 2017, before being extended into field services at the beginning of 2019.

Here’s how Stefanini has made a difference.

Single point of contact

CNH Industrial is a multifaceted, global business, requiring on-the-ground IT support across five European countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the UK.

The complexity of the business was once reflected in the number of outsourced IT providers it had contracted, causing confusion among staff with regards to who they should contact when they needed technical support.

Stefanini immediately addressed this, kicking off its partnership with the launch of a new help desk, based in Poland, providing a clear, single point of contact for all European employees requiring technical support.

It’s this single point of contact that has also proven invaluable as CNH Industrial embarks on ambitious technological change programs. Over the course of the last year, this has involved the Company migrating emails and Skype to new cloud-based systems – achieving greater cost-efficiency, collaboration and flexibility – while Stefanini has been on hand as a single point of contact to address any queries or technical issues during the process.

Correct processes

One of the most important aspects of the partnership has been the introduction of consistent best practice processes when addressing IT issues.

This includes the careful logging of all tickets when problems are raised, along with performing a root cause analysis when fixing technical issues.

By logging and reporting this, Stefanini has provided CNH Industrial with a new level of visibility of its IT operations, allowing the business to properly understand and allocate resources to solving technical issues, while ensuring problems are properly fixed, with measures put in place to reduce the risk of them reoccurring. Additionally, this information is shared with other offices and teams across Europe, cutting repair time and allowing preventative steps to be taken.

Consistent, reliable reporting

Along with the correct logging of all technical issues, CNH Industrial’s partnership with Stefanini has introduced a new level of consistency when it comes to reporting. Because it is no longer relying on multiple solution providers, the business has a new European-wide view of the effectiveness of its operations, including the speed at which technical issues are being resolved, where additional resource and investment is required and how it can best drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Future plans: global governance

Stefanini plans to build on the value this consistency is offering CNH Industrial with an ambitious global governance plan, which will involve identifying best practices across the globe and combining these into a consistent, world class partnership throughout Europe, South America and North America.

Luca Rocca, ICT Field and Printing Global Manager, CNH Industrial: “Our partnership with Stefanini has been hugely valuable, involving deep-level collaboration to shift the culture of our organization to a truly best practice model that simultaneously improves our business performance while offering clarity and convenience to our employees. Not only do we have greater visibility into our operations, but we have also been able to perform major cloud migrations with full confidence that our first level help desk support is fully equipped to provide assistance to all employees across Europe.

We’re looking forward to building on this success by putting in place a framework that applies the best practice processes being implemented in partnership with Stefanini into a consistent global plan.”

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