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Remote And Local Support - Service Desk And Field Service

Globally recognized field and service desk provision tailored to your unique enterprise circumstance.

Range Of Support For Every Circumstance

Leveraging an automation platform focused on maximizing the end-user journey, we deliver cost savings and efficiencies to create an unparalleled experience. Our end-to-end service management approach and best practices comprise a framework for superior end-user and IT interactions. 

Our Service Desk has onshore, offshore and nearshore delivery centers, with a dedicated, shared or blended model. We offer recruiting, training, and performance management to identify the right people for the job and consistently follow up to ensure continued success for the services we provide your business.

Co-Creating Custom Solutions For Your Business To Drive Digital Innovation From End-to-End

On-Site Tech Bar

Create an on-site physical helpdesk staffed with our expert support agents, so that your personnel can quickly identify wait queues, receive support, and spend time on what matters.

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Self-Service Kiosks

These interactive terminals facilitate self-service IT support actions, allowing your workforce to take control, get the information they need, and streamline or eliminate wait times when possible.

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Permanent On-Site

Stefanini provides qualified expert ITSM agents who are further trained to represent your brand values and remain on-site to provide direct support for your digital workplace and service desk needs.

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Scheduled Visits

We assign re-occurring on-site visits for IT maintenance and field desk service support to ensure enterprise devices perform at expected levels and to fulfill delivery requirements.

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On-Demand Dispatch

Stefanini’s global Field Service support agents offer on-demand delivery management to offer a quick and cost-saving solution that ranges from standard IT support to major incident response.

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Smart Lockers And Vending Machines

Businesses can enhance efficiency and productivity by employing smart lockers and vending machines to distribute devices to employees. These solutions are especially beneficial for locations with numerous end-users and non-standard working hours.

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Assets Management

Our secure IT asset management (ITAM) coverage ensures organization assets are deployed, maintained, upgraded, and accounted for, including discontinuation and disposal measures.

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VIP Support

VIP support is an exclusive support layer that connects executive-level digital workplace end users to direct IT service desk support whenever it is needed.

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Hardware (Conf, Install, Mant, Reloc, Procur)

Stefanini services manage hardware by setting up defined I/O configuration, taking appropriate installation measures, and performing maintenance, relocation, and procurement actions.

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Remote Technical Support

Our remote tech support connects your team with expert agents who advise and assist registered users concerning IT actions such as installing and updating applications, managing backups, and more.

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Virtual Tech Bar

Providing a digital alternative to on-site tech support, the virtual tech bar connects employees to a streamlined, digitally enhanced IT support center with transparent wait times and swift assistance.

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Tailored And Specialzed Services To Answer Your Unique Needs

Highlights of Stefanini
Remote and Local Support

  • Quality Focus
    • Our quality process entails customer experience audits, issue notifications, corrective and preventative action, metric analytics for teams and individuals, customer satisfaction feedback, performance scorecards, and a performance improvement plan.
  • Knowledge Management
    • We evaluate and improve knowledge of the service resources through established processes and authoring, service desk review, client review, and publishing/retiring knowledge.
  • Governance
    • Globally, we conduct a bi-annual business review and quarterly leadership business review. Regional business units conduct a monthly operational review, regional operational alignment, and change advisory board, as well as daily delivery touchpoints.
  • Transition & Transformation
    • We focus on providing a seamless transition by minimizing business disruptions while simultaneously monitoring costs and implementing a standardized, globalized service model.
  • HyperCare
    • With HyperCare, we aim to achieve SLA and service stability as fast as possible focusing on consistent quality and performance. A dedicated SME team will monitor, measure, and act on real-time data to improve our support services.
  • Automation & AI
    • Our AI agent, Sophie, is based on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence with a focus in self-adaptation, as well as interactive and contextual automation. She can assist with tasks such as triggering workflow, auto-escalation, presenting knowledge to users, and much more.

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Reimagine your products and services. Stefanini’s powerful digital capabilities with deep engineering and industry expertise. Working across multiple industries, we offer a range of solutions and services for digitizing business at all levels.

Our teams have expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing,  finance, technology, consulting and operations.

Application Services

Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.


With our digital strategy, we provide sweeping coverage and support for all of your digital challenges, ensuring you stay ahead of the game, all the time.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the current state of AI and take full advantage of its capabilities with SAI – Stefanini Artificial Intelligence.


Increase ROI and end-user productivity with made-to-order digital workplace services from Stefanini.


Our services include ITSM and IT strategy, cloud-based consulting, business process support, as well as transitional and transformational strategy.

Automation Everywhere

Stefanini’s solutions help enterprises around the world improve collaboration and increase efficiency. Learn about our technology enabling products here.

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