Harnessing the Power of ServiceNow – How Stefanini Supports Businesses in Unlocking New Potential - Stefanini

Harnessing The Power Of ServiceNow – How Stefanini Supports Businesses In Unlocking New Potential

What has Stefanini helped businesses achieve through their use of ServiceNow?

Stefanini is a leading global technology company that has been helping businesses achieve their digital transformation goals for over three decades. One of our key areas of expertise is our ServiceNow practice, which has helped numerous organizations unlock significant value and improve their operations. Through its deep understanding of the ServiceNow platform and its capabilities, Stefanini has enabled businesses to streamline their IT and business operations, automate manual processes, and enhance their overall customer experience.

We have ecently implemented a chatbot and predictive intelligence feature for one of our clients, a leading life sciences company. The client had been struggling with a high volume of routine customer queries that were taking up a significant amount of time for their customer service representatives. We recognized an opportunity to streamline the process by implementing a chatbot that could handle these routine queries, freeing up the customer service representatives to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

The platform was designed with predictive intelligence capabilities, allowing it to accurately predict the customer’s query and provide relevant information and routing without any human intervention. For example, if a customer was inquiring about their accounts access, the platform could route this request instantly. This not only saved time for the customer but also reduced the workload for the customer service representatives.

As a result of this implementation, the company was able to improve its customer service experience and increase efficiency. Customers were able to get quick and accurate answers to their queries, reducing wait times and improving satisfaction levels. The customer service representatives were also able to focus on more complex issues, improving their productivity and job satisfaction.

Why is Stefanini well placed to help businesses realize the potential of ServiceNow?

With over 8 years of experience in implementing ServiceNow projects, Stefanini has a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities and has successfully completed more than 200 projects for clients across various industries. This wealth of experience has enabled Stefanini to develop a robust methodology for delivering ServiceNow projects, ensuring that clients receive the best possible results from their investment.

In addition to this, Stefanini has invested heavily in building the competencies of its team, particularly in ITIL. This focus on developing expertise in ITIL has allowed Stefanini to provide valuable process consultancy before any ServiceNow features are implemented.

Moreover, Stefanini is a ServiceNow partner since 2020, and this partnership has further strengthened its capabilities in delivering ServiceNow services. As a partner, Stefanini has access to ServiceNow’s latest technology and resources, allowing it to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. This partnership has also enabled Stefanini to provide a more comprehensive range of services to its clients, such as the possibility to resell ServiceNow licenses.

What are some common challenges that businesses face when implementing ServiceNow, and how does Stefanini help them overcome these challenges?

Lack of clarity around the scope of the project – This can lead to misaligned expectations, delays, and budget overruns. We help businesses overcome this challenge by conducting a thorough analysis of the client’s requirements and providing a detailed project scope document that outlines the deliverables, timelines, and budget.

Complex integration requirements – Integrating ServiceNow with other systems and applications can be a complex process. Stefanini has experience integrating ServiceNow with various enterprise systems, and its team of experts has a deep understanding of ServiceNow’s integration capabilities.

User adoption – A lack of user adoption can significantly impact the success of the implementation. Stefanini helps businesses overcome this challenge by involving end-users early in the project, providing training support, and developing organizational change management campaigns.

Maintenance and support – After implementation, businesses need ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the platform continues to meet their needs. Stefanini offers comprehensive support services, including 24/7 support, maintenance, and upgrades, ensuring that the platform continues to deliver value over time.

Examples of industries or sectors that have seen significant improvements in efficiency, cost savings, or customer satisfaction after implementing ServiceNow with Stefanini’s support?

Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial, Hospitality.

How does Stefanini stay up-to-date with the latest developments in ServiceNow and ensure that their clients are getting the most out of the technology?

Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in ServiceNow is critical to ensuring that clients get the most out of the technology.

Continuous training – Stefanini invests in continuous training for its team members, ensuring that they have the knowledge and skills needed to implement and support ServiceNow effectively. This training covers a wide range of ServiceNow modules, including ITSM, SPM ITOM, CSM, HR.

Partnership with ServiceNow – Stefanini is a ServiceNow partner, which gives it access to the latest updates, releases, and resources. This partnership enables Stefanini to provide its clients with the latest ServiceNow features and capabilities, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with the latest developments.

Participation in ServiceNow events – Stefanini actively participates in ServiceNow events, including user groups, partner summits, and ServiceNow’s annual conference, Knowledge. These events provide an opportunity for Stefanini to learn about the latest developments in ServiceNow and network with other ServiceNow professionals.

Internal knowledge sharing – Stefanini encourages internal knowledge sharing, ensuring that its team members share their knowledge and expertise with one another. This approach ensures that the entire team benefits from the latest developments in ServiceNow and that clients benefit from the collective knowledge of the team.

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