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The Changing Tide: Women In IT

Even though IT has traditionally been a male-dominated field – that is changing at a remarkable rate. Stefanini has always hired based on the talent of the people we’re interviewing, and as time continues, the number of women applying for positions is growing significantly, and their presence in the company has allowed us to grow in such a way that only diversity and resilience can allow.

In North America and Asia Pacific, women have made up almost 50% of our executive staff at Stefanini. The gap between the total number of women and men within our company is shrinking every year, with just under 30% of our total employees being women. Even our management team is changing to have better representation, with 30% women. As time continues, the gaps will only continue to shrink, and we will continue to do our best to create a healthy, representative workplace for all.

We are grateful for each and every woman that has taken this company to the place it’s at now. Now, let’s see what some of our employees have to say about being a woman in IT:

“The most important thing at work is to accumulate corresponding knowledge.”

Mae Na Qui, Service Desk Agent

Mei Na joined Stefanini in 2015. She’s been through multiple programs, worked as a Knowledgebase engineer, and also joined Sophie’s, our AI, teaching program – she is Sophie’s Mandarin teacher!

“Always give your best effort, and you’ll be able to accomplish what you set out to do.” – Lin Gan, Business Development Director

Lin joined Stefanini by referral 10 years ago, and is still with us today! Since she started, she’s had one goal and it has carried her to great successes. To her, the key to making the team here to be successful is the mentality, “Make It Happen”.

“Being in an organization that values you from a personality perspective is really important.”

Amy Anger, General Counsel

Amy has been with Stefanini for just over a year, but has made some great changes to the company. She prides herself on her adaptability, and is always looking for new ways to overcome the obstacles that she faces.

“If you sit back and take a deep breath, the solution will come to you.”

Smart Yang, Service Desk Agent

Smart joined Stefanini in April 2017 as a Helpdesk technician. No matter what challenges she experienced, she was able to work through them and make the best of every situation. Smart is incredibly bright and always uses her knowledge to fix the problems presented to her.

“Through hard work and dedication, you can accomplish anything that you want to accomplish.”

Heidi Hagle, VP of People and Culture

Heidi is the glue that holds Stefanini together. She works with people throughout the company to make sure that they feel comfortable at Stefanini, and is constantly trying to improve the internal processes in whatever ways she can.

“The soft skills needed to succeed are the ability to listen and communicate to your team members, the passion and determination to succeed, and the motivation to achieve your dream.”

Chinky Dionisio, People and Culture Director

Chinky has been with us for almost 10 years, and is always doing her best to help those around her. With a superb attitude and work ethic, everything she touches turns to gold, and that is clear through her passion every day.

These are just a few of the stories out of the thousands we’d like to share. As more women enter the IT field, it will only get better and more competitive.

To learn more about some of the wonderful women that are in the IT field, watch the video below.

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