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ISG Research Recognizes Stefanini’s Gains In Workplace And Infrastructure Services

We are excited to announce that, according to independent research from Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, we have tailored our workplace and infrastructure services to the needs of the new enterprise.

Achieving recognition

In its ISG Briefing Note report, ISG analyzed our portfolio and pointed to the gains in our workplace and infrastructure services. “The most progressive enterprises see technology as one component of an integrated approach to workplace modernization that also includes workspace design, policies and culture. Stefanini is responding to this workforce evolution” said Ron Exler, author of the study.

According to ISG, our digital workplace services and plans address many of the changes and

challenges ISG sees in enterprises. For the recent ISG study “Creating the Workplace of the Future,” ISG talked with 30 enterprises about the workplace, what’s changing and the effects of digital innovation.

In this cross-industry, cross-regional study, ISG detected several themes, including the need to focus on user experiences to address changing demographics and the need to balance the demand for high-satisfaction employee experiences while keeping IT costs down.

Cognitive technologies to improve the user experience

We provide transformative digital workplace services in collaboration with our clients across diverse platforms. User experience improvement has been pinpointed as the top driver for the use of cognitive technologies and we just launched the new version of Sophie, a cognitive SaaS-based intelligent automation platform. Sophie was designed with an original and award-winning suite of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The platform replaces scripted human service with automation, and does so in an increasingly sophisticated manner, with ambitious investments in voice processing and self-learning. The goal is to enable increasing speed and efficiency in platform deployment and management.

Stefanini d3

Our d3 workplace analytics integrate with Sophie to show endpoint user experience data to help flag problem areas in context, with proactive problem identification and resolution. Stefanini d³ collects and analyzes performance metrics from endpoint systems, allowing support teams to quickly react to workplace needs and provide unprecedented customer support. Capable of monitoring systems in real time, d³ gives extraordinary speed and insight into the client’s business, resulting in faster issue resolution and proactive service approaches.

“As our world becomes increasingly connected, new business challenges have inspired innovative digital solutions and Sophie is one of these solutions. Focused on self-adaptation and both interactive and contextual automation—enabling her to achieve self-learning and human-like interaction—  Sophie integrates with different channels to provide a tailored user experience,” said Spencer Gracias, our CEO at Stefanini NA.

Tailored and customized solutions

“Besides these consistencies of service, Stefanini focuses on knowing its clients’ end users and personalizing and contextualizing their experiences, evaluating outcomes, and – as a result – improving service quality,” ISG said. We promote a “co-creation” client partnership, reflected in our gainsharing model and foster a culture of technological innovation with the goal of creating continual

improvement aimed at meeting the needs of the end user.

Digital workplace services are a significant part of our business and we have the framework, technologies and expertise for digital workplace transformation. ISG research

shows that while many enterprises use managed service providers in some capacity, they often do not take advantage of the robust capabilities available from those providers.

“With Stefanini, enterprises can access innovations such as Sophie and d3 technologies and gainsharing contracts to transform their workplace services.” ISG said.

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