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Marco Stefanini Named ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ By The Chamber Of Commerce Brazil-Spain

We’re delighted to announce that Stefanini’s founder and CEO, Marco Stefanini, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year at a ceremony held this week by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Spain (CCBE).

Marco received the prize on Tuesday evening at the ceremony, which took place at the Casino de Madrid and was chaired by a line-up of senior figures from the Spanish government and the Brazilian embassy. The award was given by the Head of Spanish Government for Trade & Commerce: Xiana Mendez.

The event recognised Marco’s international approach to developing the Stefanini business, with the CCBE noting that the company has become Brazil’s largest multinational technology company, with more than 25,000 employees in 40 countries worldwide.

Stefanini’s success was described as having been powered by an innovation ecosystem that was aligned with the latest market trends and the needs of businesses, particularly around digital transformation.

Marco also stressed the importance of digital transformation at the event, along with the role Stefanini plays in helping businesses respond to this. He described how genuine digital transformation is in fact “cultural transformation”, noting that this often begins in the minds of senior executives but quickly “extends to everyone in the entire organization”.

Commenting on the award, Marco explained: “While being named Entrepreneur of the Year is of course a huge personal honour, I absolutely believe this prize reflects the great work of the entire Stefanini team across the globe. The CCBE has recognized our international perspective, our readiness to partner with businesses across borders, our rapid growth and our ability to respond to market trends and business needs, particularly around digital transformation – all of which have been powered by all of our people worldwide.”

CCBE – the Brazil-Spain partnership

The CCBE was created to recognize exceptional effort and commitment among companies, individuals and institutions whose work contributes to the strengthening of economic, commercial, cultural and social relations between Brazil and Spain.

This latest event was a valuable reminder of the importance of the relationship between Brazil and Spain, with attendees underlining the value of the strategic partnership between the countries and their increasing commercial openness.

José Gasset, president of the CCBE, said: “Brazil is experiencing a crucial moment, offering an increasingly reliable environment for companies and consumers, which gives us real cause for optimism. Across the Latin American region, the economy is becoming more liberal and more open. This year, growth is forecast at 2.2%, which is expected to rise to 2.5% as we move into 2021. Also, inflation is under control, interest rates are at their lowest for decades and there’s been a steady increase in job opportunities. All of these factors are contributing to a very favourable environment for business investment.”

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