What’s Trending in Retail Industry? Get Answers From Our Infographic Video!

December 09, 2020 by Stefanini

Competition demands that today’s retailers remain adaptable. Watch our infographic video to get a sense of must-follow trends!

From curbside pickups to online orders, it’s clear that the future of retail is all about convenience, fast shipping, and transparency. In order to stay competitive, retailers need to adapt. This approach goes beyond establishing an online presence - today's retailers also need to pay attention to how consumers shop and what they want.

We outline the trends retailers should be paying attention to in our latest infographic video, “What’s Trending in the Retail Industry?” Check it out below!

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The Future of Retail

What’s trending in the retail industry? Well, brick and mortar stores are evolving, eCommerce is rising, more than half of Americans are shopping on their mobile devices, 73 percent of consumers are omnichannel shoppers, and social media and technology continue to influence purchases made by shoppers.

Basically, while physical locations are still valued by consumers, it is clear that the future of retail lies within the digital space. Now, it is on retailers to find creative solutions that prioritize digitally delivering what customers expect.


Another trend to which retailers should pay attention? Sustainability. Today’s consumers want to patronize businesses that align with their own values. Therefore, it is crucial that companies are transparent about the ways they are making environmentally sound decisions, giving back to the community, and the future.

Seamless Customer Experiences

Finally, businesses are building seamless customer experiences. With omnichannel journeys, retailers can reach customers through social ads, email newsletters, mobile push notifications, chatbots or through face-to-face conversations with in-store staff.

Stefanini’s Partnership Approach to Retail

Partnerships are the backbone of successful digital transformation is. Active collaboration with digital experts, IT technicians, business executives, and customers themselves is necessary for driving significant change.

Retailers must turn to companies who know how to leverage technology rather than tackling it in-house. This creates new business value faster is generally less expensive. A partner will keep you on the forefront of digital disruption, instead of trying to continually chase changing technology.

Retailers must turn to companies who know how to leverage technology rather than tackling it in-house. Talk to an expert!