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We Acquired TecCloud In Brazil And Offer Services In Datacenter

We acquired 60 percent of TecCloud, a company that is part of the group Correa da Silva that focuses on datacenter, infrastructure, telecom and technology services. The Correa da Silva group includes companies such as Embratec/Goodcard, Topazio Bank, Intercity Hotels, Sack & Pay, GetNet, and other worldwide operations.

The new company of the Stefanini Group has three datacenters located in Porto Alegre and Campo Bom (RS), Brazil. The space dedicated to data processing is classified as tier 3, which designates environments with total infrastructure of HVAC and network, making maintenance possible without any interruption in the process.

According to Rogério Vinícius, IT director at Stefanini, the goal with TecCloud acquisition “is to deliver value-added proposals and maintain the infrastructure as a service, management solutions and integration with other clouds.”

In June 2018, we began the process of upgrading the infrastructure and migrated to hyperconvergence, bringing twice the processing capacity to our existing base.

“At first, we wanted to just implement a technological refresh, but it ended up making room for a new business, the cloud service,” said Vinícius. “With this initiative, we started to work even more with service solutions (SaaS), and at the moment, we are preparing a cloud offering that we intend to announce to the market soon.”

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