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We Were Recognized At The Romanian Outsourcing Awards 2019

Our team in Romania received a lot of recognition at the Fifth Annual Romanian Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards, organized by Outsourcing Today magazine on May 7th, 2019. Our Romanian office has been awarded second prize for Employer of the Year, second prize for the Digital Transformation of the Year and third prize in the Best Workplace competition. The Awards Gala was organized as a joint event with the Romanian Outsourcing and Shared Services Summit, featuring engaging keynote sessions by industry leaders, interactive panel discussions and networking opportunities.

”Winning awards for both Employer of the Year and Best Workplace is a major achievement for us as a company and contributes significantly to our employer branding”, says our colleague Olga Botusan, EMEA HR Director. ”Almost half of our colleagues in EMEA work in Romania, and we account for 44% of the company’s business in the region, so the way people feel about us as a company and as an employer here in Romania and the recognition we get both internally and externally, have a lot to do with our performance.”

2018 has been an exceptional year for our company on the local market, with a considerable, double digit growth for the 6th year in a row and 25 new clients in our portfolio. Also, our employee engagement increased by 5% according to our Employee Engagement Survey conducted by an external auditor.

“We have established and nurtured a strong value system and we work relentlessly to build a trusting relationship with our employees. Dialogue, feedback, communication, flexibility and confidence are key factors to support our human resource approach and these values are the bedrock of our high-performance culture”, says Olga.

Our colleagues in Bucharest have moved into a new office this year, occupying the first three floors of a hi tech, environmentally-friendly building, built on the principles of green architecture and sustainable upkeep. The move required a 2 million EUR investment.

„We’ve expanded our team locally, exceeding 1660 people, but the main reason for our move was the wellbeing of the employees and our plans for further development. 100 new positions have been created in the past 12 months in our local office”, adds Olga.

2018 was also a year of transformation for our company on all levels, and Romania was at its forefront, leading the change for the entire EMEA region. The fact that the team in Romania won second place in the Digital Transformation of the Year category at the Romanian Outsourcing Awards is an excellent form of recognition for the local team’s efforts during this period.

“The transformation we went through spanned from organizational culture to internal processes, and was the key word for the entire business vision. We went from the bottom up, automating several internal processes and expanding our digital services portfolio”, explains Razvan Tapu, our Digital Services Director in Romania. “The most representative internal initiative of this transformational program was the implementation and launch the Digital Talent Exchange tool, an application designed to digitize all the operations performed in the talent outsourcing departments. By implementing the tool we achieved not just a digitalization of the work being done, but also we have done a business model transformation as now we can do much more than just filling outsourcing positions for our customers. We can now provide Vendor Management Services (VMS) services to our clients.”

Before the introduction of the tool, the local team was using a number of gigantic Excel files, emails timestamps for calculating SLAs, having multiple persons or, even worse, no person working on an opportunity. By introducing this tool, the team achieved an increased efficiency of the operational activities, superior customer satisfaction, reduced time to source an opportunity, improved governance on the staffing processes and improved vendor management operations.

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