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Stefanini's Plans For 2023 In Romania: Expanding Through Acquisitions And Targeted Recruitment

2023 will be a busy year for our company in Romania, we plan to expand our business by acquiring a new start-up and recruiting employees from all over the country.

After acquiring a cybersecurity company and a digital marketing agency in Romania in the last two years, we are now discussing acquiring another start-up.

“We are always looking for good companies; we have already acquired two here in Romania. Our criteria requires that they have a valid proposition and a good team because, ultimately, we are hiring a team in the end. Of course, the price matters too”, said Marco Stefanini, CEO and founder of the company.

He added that firms could be of any size, what is relevant is the team quality, price conditions and the potential for integration into Stefanini’s wider structure.

“We have our own M&A department which evaluates 30-40 global companies every month”, added Marco Stefanini.

Over the past three years, Stefanini has invested more than $200 million in company acquisitions.

We have focused our activities by region and most deals have been done globally. Our company is present in 41 countries, offering software solutions such as Automation, Cloud, IoT or User Experience for companies operating in various industries such as retail, automotive, manufacturing or finance.

New jobs in all Romanian cities

From Romania, Stefanini delivers Application Development and Maintenance, Cyber Security, M365 Platform, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Remote Technical Support.

The number of Romanian employees is growing from 1,500 employees at the end of February, the number reached 1,600 at the end of March, and hiring continues. We are looking for people with a wide range of IT experience, from juniors to architects.

“We are hiring in every city in Romania. Now, in the tech industry, we can be more democratic and give a chance to employees from smaller cities anywhere in the world”, said Marco Stefanini.

Recommendations for successful entrepreneurship from Stefanini’s founder:

Marco Stefanini, founder and CEO of Stefanini, has many valuable tips to offer entrepreneurs just starting out, from his 35 years of extensive experience in the industry.

“First and foremost, every entrepreneur must be prepared to work very hard. Clearly, they will work harder than they have ever worked before”, explained Marco Stefanini.

He sees a similarity between Romania and Brazil, where Stefanini was founded, in the cultural motivation to start a business to be their own boss.

” It’s a naïve perspective to think that you won’t have a boss once you become an entrepreneur. When you become an entrepreneur you have more bosses, i.e., your customers”, said Stefanini’s founder.

But the problems facing emerging countries like Romania and Brazil hold many opportunities, according to Marco Stefanini. These challenges create resilient entrepreneurs, an essential quality for today’s business environment.

Marco Stefanini points out that entrepreneurs should consider the balance between costs and benefits, as they can often end up with cash-flow problems because they are not careful about financials.

“You must be very careful because sometimes you start with a good idea but the execution takes longer than expected (…). We see good entrepreneurs with great ideas, but they haven’t had enough time to achieve their goals and their plans have died within three years”, Stefanini said.

As for Stefanini’s business activity, Marco Stefanini states that “2022 was a good year, but 2023 will be a special year”, we hope it will be the best year in the last decade.

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