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2022: A Record-Breaking Year For Stefanini

2022 was a record-breaking year for Stefanini EMEA due to our strong business philosophy, leadership and dynamic work environment for all of our teams which cocreated great business outcomes for our customers. Based on some great achievements, we have a strong baseline for our approach to 2023, 2024 and many more years to come!

Stefanini’s successes in 2022:

  • We saw the biggest revenue and best profitability we’ve ever seen in the EMEA region
  • Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was above 60 for a second year in a row, much higher than our competitors
  • We gained more new customers than ever before, recording the highest customer retention rate so far
  • According to our Employee Engagement Survey, 84% of our employees feel good about working at Stefanini

The Key to our Success: Leadership and Business Philosophy

These achievements were made possible through the efforts of Stefanini’s CEO of EMEA, Farlei Kothe, who’s leadership guided the company to new levels of success. Kothe emphasizes that his leadership style is based on the three core principles of collaboration, autonomy, and execution.

“Based on these three principles, I can help the team understand what is required from my side: vision and strategy, roadmaps and timelines, and they can make me aware of how I can support their work.”  – Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA

He also believes strongly in the significance of Stefanini’s business philosophy, which we call the “Stefanini Attitudes,” and are built on seven pillars:

  • Lead by example
  • Make a difference
  • Act as an entrepreneur
  • Respect and believe in people
  • Be ethical
  • Be humble to learn

Kothe has aligned these seven attitudes with his leadership style, saying “all seven of these attitudes match my leadership style, and that’s why we are not just getting bigger but getting better every year by applying these principles and having people at the centre of everything.”

Supporting our People and our Clients amid uncertainty

The main challenges that we faced in 2022 were related to the war in Ukraine and the resulting economic turmoil. When the world’s supply chains were impacted, and inflation soared across Europe to levels we hadn’t seen for decades, economic uncertainty gripped the world. We were concerned for our customers and our own employees amidst such global turmoil.

“To overcome and manage this situation, we took advantage of our DNA as Stefanini is used to performing well during periods of economic crisis.” – Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA

Stefanini is built on the idea of digitalization and transformation through technology. As digitalization initiatives gained great popularity during the pandemic to provide businesses of all sizes a competitive edge, 2022 proved that ongoing digital transformation is a must for all businesses looking to survive economic uncertainty. Stefanini was able to support many companies achieve their transformation goals in this time.

Stefanini looks ahead towards further success in 2023 and beyond

Kothe sees a great opportunity for Stefanini to continue to support companies that want to provide high-quality services to their clients, even amidst economic uncertainty.

“We will continue to see a high level of uncertainty on the local and global markets, with companies cutting jobs and closing factories. Nevertheless, there’s still a great opportunity for us to support companies that want to provide high-quality services to their clients.” – Farlei Kothe, CEO of Stefanini EMEA

Get in touch to discuss how Stefanini can help you remain competitive in an economically uncertain environment with digital transformation solutions.


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