Marco Stefanini participating in the "Choose France Summit" - Stefanini

Marco Stefanini Participating In The "Choose France Summit"

Stefanini has been invited to an exclusive business event hosted by the French President, Emmanuel Macron, which will bring together international business leaders, investors and government officials to discuss investment opportunities in France and ways to boost the country’s economic growth. 

The event takes place at the Palace of Versailles on 15 May – Stefanini will be present as one of the major Latin American businesses seeking to significantly boost its presence in France.

Marco Stefanini, Global CEO and Founder of Stefanini Group, and Farlei Kothe, Stefanini EMEA CEO, will represent Stefanini at the event, where they will discuss Stefanini’s ambitious plans within France.

“It’s a great privilege to attend the Choose France summit. Our presence further underlines how far we’ve come, becoming the largest Brazilian IT company operating in the country as a result of sustained growth over the last 35+ years,” says Marco Stefanini.

“Stefanini has a large, loyal client base throughout Europe, including within France, and we have extensive plans to build on this success through our approach that emphasises close, longstanding partnerships. Our Net Promoter Score in the country is significantly above the industry average – which we believe is the result of our ability to co-create solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We have clear ambitions to continue to grow based on the quality of our offering, which has been recognized through our invitation to participate in Choose France,” says Farlei Kothe.  

Stefanini provides IT support to major businesses throughout France, with its offering including digital workplace solutions, modern enterprise services and cybersecurity. Its current expansion plans include gaining new clients, while remaining open to opportunities to grow via acquisition where appropriate.

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