Our team in Romania Receives Two Awards at ABSL Gala - Stefanini

Our Team In Romania Receives Two Awards At ABSL Gala

Our office in Romania won the 1st place in the Customer Experience Category at The Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL) Gala event, held on April 10, 2019. The team in Romania was also awarded third place in the Business Excellence category. ABSL is a leading organization representing the business services sector in Romania, gathering high profile companies which conduct business in the area of Shared Services Center (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Research and Development (R&D) and companies contributing to the sector’s growth.

“Determination and hard work always pay off. Great things happen to people who don’t stop believing, trying, learning and improving. I am so proud of my colleagues”, says Anca Fotache, our EMEA Service Delivery Director. ”The story of this awarded Customer Experience project started last year, when, for one of our strategic clients, we saw the opportunity of shifting from traditional Service-level Agreement (SLA) to a truly comprehensive Experience-level Agreement (XLA).”

The target was to raise the Quality of Service by using a challenging status quo and transforming it via Service Recovery methodologies. This was mainly driven by our central team in Romania. The main objective was linked to increasing the CX average score (on a 1 to 10 scale) from below 7 in mid-2017 to 8 or above. In January 2019, our team managed to score 8.69 points.

The project also brought along more end user visibility for the IT organization, an enhanced communication between organizational layers and across regions, and it enabled alternative channels of feedback aligned with end user expectations and industry trends.

“All these initiatives led to an increased confidence of the Business in IT, thus allowing IT to continuously grow the existing Service Offering. This was actually a transformation via Recovery from a Client-Provider relationship to a true Partnership”, concludes Anca Fotache.

Our company was also recognized for Business Excellence during the ABSL Gala, winning the third place in the category. ”I am so happy to see that the work done by Stefanini in 2018 is getting recognized”, says Razvan Tapu, our head of the Digital Transformation Center in EMEA.

The award winning Business excellence project was about re-engineering the innovation ecosystem in Stefanini, and it took a holistic scrutiny on how innovation was done within the company. The main objective behind this initiative was to become a trusted partner for customers looking to transform their business, digitally or otherwise.

“We redesigned the entire Innovation system from ground up”, says Razvan Tapu. “Some of our principles on innovation are that End User Experience always comes first, that we innovate for delivering value and not just for the sake of change, that real value can be found only when you take a holistic approach, not when you merely address bits and pieces and that technology is a means to an end and not the end goal”, adds Razvan.

The objectives set out by the team at the beginning of 2018 were fully achieved as the company now has an innovation structure in place, handling all the strategic, tactical and operational aspects. As a result of this system becoming operational a full set of new offerings were added to our portfolio during 2018 (machine learning, augmented reality, RPA, Block chain, design thinking).

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