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We Team Up With 4me To Help Customers Outsource More Successfully

We are teaming up with 4me to help customers outsource more successfully. As organizations go through the digital transformation, they introduce many new technology services to improve customer experience and employee productivity. The implementation of these new services is typically outsourced and so is the subsequent management of these services. The resulting increase in the number of external providers that enterprises rely on has popularized a relatively new management approach called Service Integration and Management (SIAM). This management approach helps ensure that all the internal and external providers work together effectively to support the services that the enterprise makes available to its customers and employees.

We assist enterprises all over the world with their SIAM initiatives. We have been looking for tooling that makes tracking of service quality and collaborations between all internal and external providers more seamless. When we came across 4me, we invited the company to participate in our incubator program. After more than six months of intensive evaluation, we confirmed that 4me is the first enterprise service management solution that is capable of supporting SIAM without having to rely heavily on integrations that are expensive to build and maintain.

With immediate effect, this partnership between Stefanini and 4me makes it possible for all of our customers globally to migrate to 4me when they have identified a need to apply tighter control over their spending on services obtained from both internal and external providers.

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