Activities from 2023 for Stefanini Institute EMEA - Stefanini

Activities From 2023 For Stefanini Institute EMEA

2023 represented for Stefanini Institute EMEA a milestone in designing a new approach for the educational process.

We increased our activities with our beneficiaries from disadvantaged groups and succeed to involve 470 from which 115 were unique beneficiaries.

The persons involved in our activities are:

  • Children from mono-parental families
  • Children and young people from families with many siblings
  • Children and young people living with other relatives
  • Children and young people from rural environments
  • Children and young people living in multiple generations houses
  • Young employees with insertion and job adjustment issues

Among our activities, we can count, as the main pillars: digitalization and communication workshops delivered in the headquarters of the partners, cybersecurity delivered at Stefanini office Bucharest. Another important activity was the summer camp implemented with 12 young people aged 16-23, from which they gained team-work skills and long-term communication abilities.

To end up the whole year, we celebrated Christmas together with our beneficiaries, partners and colleagues and succeed to collect 20 gifts for kids from foster houses which received winter goodies, games and chocolates.

For our association, sustainability and sustainable goals designed the main core values, such as accessible education and decrease the inequalities. Therefore, we settled the environment protection one of our standards in any activity. For this, we work with re-usable materials and tools. You can consult our promises for 2024 regarding sustainability and also the full report in the document attached.

For the employees in Romania, we have as well the possibility to redirect the 3.5% from your taxes, to support the alternative educational activities for children and young people from vulnerable communities, you can fulfill the following form:

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