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4 Reasons Your Brand Should Prioritize Digital Visibility

You already know that the digital landscape is competitive. You probably also know that just having a website is no longer enough (and has not been for quite some time!) to help your brand stand out online.

Instead, you need a strategy that culminates in raising your business’ brand awareness and ultimately, makes your target audience aware of your brand. We call this need “digital visibility.” Read on to learn why this tactic is so important in today’s world and how you can get your business in front of the right online users!

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What is Digital Visibility?

Digital visibility is the overall presence of a brand or its products in online spaces. A business can have a killer website, but if users are unable to find it online, that site will not generate as much value as it could. Search traffic can only direct so many unique visitors (also known as new daily visitors), which is why SEO has become such an important tool for improving online visibility. Further, traffic can only do so much; once users find your site, your business then needs to create an attention-getting and optimal user experience that converts visitors into buyers.

Online visibility is crucial for today’s businesses for the following reasons:

  1. Users can find your site on their own
  2. The more unique visitors you attract, the higher the likelihood that you can achieve more sales
  3. Stellar online visibility can boost your brand’s reputation, or how your business is perceived in the marketplace
  4. Having a credible brand reputation is also important in gaining a competitive edge and standing out from your competition
  5. When done correctly, your digital visibility strategy can impact people, improve customer service, develop your brand, connect with your target audience through digital channels, and improve the user experience.

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Increasing Visibility in Digital Marketing

Having optimal digital visibility is more than establishing a website and social media platforms (if relevant). It requires taking a deep dive into understanding who your target audience is, what they need, and which channels they are active on. We recommend taking that online marketers take the following actions:

  • Research the types of phrases or keywords your target audience may be searching that can lead to the services and solutions your business offers.
  • Utilize SEO tools like keyword linking to improve internal cross-referencing pages inside your site. You should also be strategic about which keywords you are including in website copy to improve your business’ ranking in search results.
  • Include relevant long-tail and short-tail keywords in your website copy.
    • Short-tail keywords refer to broad one or two-word phrases you use to describe your business, i.e. “marketing company.”
    • Long-tail keywords refer to low search volume phrases that are highly specific, i.e. “New York Email Marketing Company.”
  • Interact with followers on social media by responding to questions or commenting on any posts they share that feature your products – anything to show your audience that your brand is listening and engaged!
  • Use outbound and inbound links so Google can index cached pages and you can keep track of other websites that may link to your content (or external websites your content links to).
  • Create a Google account so you can start monitoring analytics, including how your users are interacting with your site.
  • Create a content marketing strategy that calls for putting out original, relevant content (like blogs, videos, images, or other value-added materials) on a regular basis. You can also publish third-party content that is relevant for your industry.
  • Don’t forget to add meta tags and header tags in the coding of your website. Paying attention to both of these items will bolster your SEO strategy.
  • Make researching competitors a part of your content strategy. This angle will help you stay on top of the types of products or services they’re releasing, the types of thought leadership they’re producing, or any other ideas for bolstering your digital visibility strategy.

The bottom line is that you need to find a balance between SEO and the content you’re creating. Today’s search engines are not just looking for websites that make use of keywords; instead, they’re prioritizing websites that have meaningful information and are weeding out those stuffed with keywords to get more clicks. If you can develop engaging content, you’ll have a better chance of facilitating a better buyer relationship that trusts your brand as visitors will find value in visiting your website.

Online Visibility Marketing

Online visibility is not set in stone. In this digital age, businesses need to continually review their platforms to ensure that content doesn’t become stale. If your website relies on outdated content, your credibility will drop in the search engine algorithms and your visibility will suffer as a result.

As mentioned above, boosting your online visibility starts with maintaining a website, regularly updating a company blog, and prioritizing SEO. Here are a few other avenues your business needs to consider (if it has not already):

  • Organic social media – today’s internet users expect the brands they follow to be as online as they are. Therefore, your business should create a strategy that includes regular posting on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Of course, this approach involves doing some research. For instance, if you are a B2B company, investing in TikTok and Snapchat (which are great for promoting consumer products!) may not be the right strategy for you. Further, remember that your followers consume content differently on each platform. As a result, your content should provide value and be in the right consumable format for respective platforms.
  • Email marketing – email marketing is still the top dog when it comes to return on investment (ROI). Be sure to set up email campaigns that welcome new subscribers, offer free resources (like eBooks or downloadable PDFs), or even send happy birthday wishes to consumers on their special day. Having these types of tracks in place will improve the overall user experience, build a long-lasting relationship with users, and build your brand’s credibility.
  • Paid advertising – you can run paid ads on search engines like Google Ads, social media platforms like Facebook Ads, and even paid content through sponsored blog posts. And these investments pay off – in fact, statistics show that paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent, which is an impressive 200 percent ROI rate. To ensure maximum ROI, monitor your paid ad campaigns by setting KPIs, then consistently adjust campaigns to make sure you’re meeting them.

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Get Closer to Your Target Audience  

In an increasingly connected world, your approach to marketing must be just as integrated. We create customized solutions for your business by innovatively combining marketing tools and technology, while keeping the focus on end-user experience.

Our digital marketing solutions focus on strategy, data science, media, and advertising and leverage data intelligence to boost business, connect people, and create experiences. Using our expertise, best practices, and statistical techniques, we produce actionable business insights based on data mining and predictive models. Our insights are further solidified through research and analytics.

Do you need help implementing the tips mentioned above? We are here to help. Reach out today to connect with us and get started!

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