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Understanding And Transforming Businesses – An Award-Winning MSP Approach

Last year, Stefanini was named ‘Best Large Enterprise Managed Service Provider’ at the IT Service & Support Awards, which are the industry’s most prestigious prize. Organized by the Service Desk Institute (SDI), the IT Service & Support Awards has promoted excellence, professionalism, innovation and outstanding achievement globally for the last 25 years. This year, on Thursday 9th December, the SDI is organizing a virtual event – 5 Star MSPs – inviting its award finalists to share the secrets of their success.

As last year’s winner, Stefanini is set to participate in the event, with Dorina Kocsis-Cristea, Digital Service Management Office Director, Stefanini EMEA, due to outline the steps Stefanini has taken to become an award-winning Managed Service Provider.

We caught up with Dorina to get the inside track on how Stefanini is delivering for its clients through its MSP offering, which not just wins awards but also ensures customers’ objectives and visions are realized.

Understanding the vision and mission
The first step in helping a client achieve their goals is to build a deep understanding of their organization. At Stefanini, this includes making use of multiple tools including CRM systems, behavioral analytics and various customer feedback mechanisms, including focus groups. This approach not only ensures Stefanini has an initial understanding of clients and their goals but also forms part of an ongoing effort to ensure profiling is accurate and up to date.

This approach shapes Stefanini’s offering, which is also tailored according to each client’s existing IT maturity level, as well as overall business goals, the goals of the IT department and employee expectations.

“A major part of our success as an MSP is recognizing that each customer is unique and that fully understanding their precise goals and ways of operating – and adjusting our approach accordingly – is paramount,” explains Dorina.

“It’s through this approach that we can help elevate organizations’ IT maturity and deliver increased end-user productivity and sustainable business growth,” adds Dorina.

Transforming effectiveness
While each customer is unique and will receive bespoke support, there are also some general examples of business goals – such as reducing costs and improving user experience – where Stefanini is able to provide extensive expertise.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Stefanini supports businesses in moving the resolution of issues from higher levels of support to less costly options. Applying this approach to the IT service desk not only reduces costs but also shortens resolution times, boosting employee productivity and satisfaction. Additionally, this approach frees up more experienced experts, who are able to focus their efforts on delivering greater value to the business.

Meanwhile, when it comes to enhancing the user experience, Stefanini often delivers transformative results through ‘proactive problem management’. This means gaining a deep understanding of the recurring issues that are preventing clients’ employees from working efficiently and implementing solutions to address these in a way that cuts costs and enhances productivity.

Equally, Stefanini is focused on creating more user-friendly experiences when it comes to accessing IT support, such as omnichannel support offerings that allow end-users to seek support however they wish – whether that’s an email, a call or an instant message.

“The power of Stefanini’s MSP offer is we have extensive experience in delivering the enhanced user experience and reduced costs that most businesses are looking for, while ensuring our approach to implementing these is powerfully tailored to the individual customer,” adds Dorina.

Modular approach
Stefanini has also created a modular approach to delivering its MSP offering, which means that rather than tying clients into long contracts for a specific service, each aspect of the service is implemented only for as long as required to achieve business goals.

“Our modular approach is significant on a number of levels. Clearly, it allows for businesses to make more efficient use of their budgets because they only pay for a service for as long as it’s required, but on top of this, it ensures that our efforts are always totally aligned with our clients’ goals,” adds Dorina.

“Ultimately, by enabling businesses to realize their exact goals in a way that’s tailored to them, while cutting costs, driving sustainable business growth and boosting end-user productivity and satisfaction, we can feel proud of an MSP offering that not just wins awards but delivers transformative benefits,” concludes Dorina.

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