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Digital Empowerment - WBT Design & Development

Client Description

An international company specializing in broadband satellite services It offers satellite capacity and services for video and data applications to businesses and public administrations. Thanks to dozens of satellites, the company operates in 150 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and America.

Client Challenges

Following the implementation of ServiceNow, the challenge was to train internal users by creating an online course on the first feature released (Incident Management) Training goals:

  • provide an overview of the ServiceNow platform
  • illustrate the new method of operating, highlighting the benefits

The course included a final test to verify the level of learning, managed by creating a tracking SCORM package, which needed to be uploaded to the company LMS platform. Solutions

Using a storyboard, the collection of the requirements identified the training objectives, which were managed in 3 distinct sections:

  • Introduction to the course and general overview of the ServiceNow platform
  • Comparison between the old method of operating (old system) and the new one on ServiceNow, highlighting the benefits
  • Illustration of a few cases of use in the new system, through video pills.

A dedicated storyboard was produced for each video, so as to define the key steps and training contents that need to be validated by the customer before registering on the system.

The Results

Change Management

  • User training before production release
  • Availability of an immediate, effective training tool capable of reaching all interested users.

Effectiveness and Cost Reduction

  • Training tool available to the entire company population, including new hires, always available (also for repeated use over time).
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