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Stefanini Is Named Company Of The Year 2017

This is the second time that Stefanini was elected “Company of the Year,” one of the most recognized awards in Brazil for 32 editions, by the journal “Informática Hoje.” “It is an honor to participate in the 32nd edition of the award. We are in a new phase of Stefanini, offering solutions that help customers in the digital transformation journey, with a team totally dedicated to new solutions, including mobility, personalized marketing campaigns, mobile card processing, artificial intelligence and robotics,” said Marco Stefanini, founder and global CEO of Stefanini.

According to Mr. Stefanini, the company identified opportunities in crisis to present solutions focused on increasing efficiency and reducing costs for customers. One of the highlights is the Sophie cognitive intelligence platform, a set of software and processes that accelerate and improve the performance of systems that interact with the consumer, ensuring agility in the end customer service. In addition to Sophie, the solutions that leverage the results from  2016 are cloud computing, analytics and Internet of Things (IoT)—a result of the demand for digital transformation in corporations.

To follow all these changes, Stefanini invests in research and development (R & D) and in the acquisition of companies with technologies that enable digital solutions. The objective is to add value and improve the capacity to provide and manage the technological environments where these applications will be located.

With innovation centers in Brazil, Romania, Singapore and the United States, Stefanini aims to reinforce the company’s innovative culture, which is part of the company’s global strategy to develop and demonstrate new technologies, from the concept of “design thinking.”

“We have a positive vision for the future, which is accompanied by technology. The company is reinventing itself with a series of acquisitions and partnerships with startups through our Open Startups program, without neglecting its traditional portfolio, such as the service desk, field service and outsourcing (BPO) offerings, which are still our main source of revenue,” says Ailtom Nascimento, Stefanini’s vice president.

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