Consistent Mastery: NPS Champions for Three Consecutive Years. Stefanini Achieves a Remarkable NPS Score of +65.4 - Stefanini

Consistent Mastery: NPS Champions For Three Consecutive Years. Stefanini Achieves A Remarkable NPS Score Of +65.4

Stefanini EMEA is proud to have achieved a net promoter score (NPS) of +65.4, highlighting the substantial percentage of its existing clients who would recommend Stefanini’s services.

Stefanini’s NPS is significantly higher than the NPS for the IT industry that was 42 in 2023, according to global benchmark from ClearlyRated. Three years in a row Stefanini obtained a score above 60 (2021 +66, 2022 +63.4, 2023 +65.4), being above the benchmark of the IT services market.

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Stefanini Achieves A Remarkable NPS Score Of +65.4 as NPS Champions For Three Consecutive Years

Here, we explore what exactly NPS means and the standard approach to calculating this score across the industry.

Calculating Stefanini’s Score

NPS is widely used and has a well-respected approach to measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Stefanini’s NPS was calculated based on a process consisting of sending a survey to clients, inviting them to anonymously provide feedback on their experience of working with Stefanini, including whether they would recommend Stefanini to a friend or colleague. This approach provides a standardized measure of customer satisfaction and offers important insight into customer service and retention. The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of people who are less likely to recommend Stefanini from the percentage of people who are very likely to offer a recommendation.

The survey also included an open text box, where additional customer comments were shared, including: “As always very happy: Proactive team, excellent service, our internal customers are very happy with the service provided.” 

One customer said: “We rely a lot on our Stefanini team and we appreciate their openness and the resilience to always deliver at great value or taking actions to improve on the spot.” while another respondent simply stated: “I am very impressed with Stefanini. The teams are excellent and passionate about what they do.”

Rik Demeulemeester, Stefanini EMEA VP Business Development, says: “Stefanini’s NPS score is a testament to our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Achieving a score of +65.4 is no small achievement, as it reflects the high regard of those who rate their likelihood to recommend us as a 9 or 10 out of 10. 

This achievement is a source of pride for our entire team, who consistently delivered for our clients and stood as dependable partners during trying times. We view this score as a motivating milestone, inspiring us to continue building upon our success.” 

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