Our solution for Banco Votorantim is presented at Dynatrace Perform in Las Vegas - Stefanini

Our Solution For Banco Votorantim Is Presented At Dynatrace Perform In Las Vegas

We presented the solution that was created for Banco Votorantin – the seventh largest bank in Brazil – during the Dynatrace Perform in Las Vegas. Through a partnership with the bank, we implemented the tool, being able to quickly identify the origin of operational occurrences, ensuring increased productivity among employees in the application of processes.

With the expansion of the Dynatrace tool, the bank registered gains of synergy in the development areas, which started to use it to define the bank’s product launch strategy. Dynatrace platforms make real-time information visible, helping companies to see their applications and digital channels from the perspective of end users.

The monitoring is based on customer experience and driven by artificial intelligence, enabling digital performances both on web surfing and mobile devices to be high level with significant results.

The event, which brought together representatives of Stefanini Scala, Banco Votorantim and Dynatrace, had 1,700 participants who were able to follow the trends of some of the world’s leading brands with approaches to success stories, digital experience, software intelligence, innovation, cloud automation, and other topics.

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