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Innovation Space 87: How Stefanini Is Driving Business Transformation Through The Power Of Innovation

At Stefanini, innovation is the backbone of our solutions. Through fostering a culture of innovation and integrating it into every aspect of a transformation strategy, we empower our clients to create a digital vision that drives impactful change.

This involves enabling clients to embrace a collaborative approach, set new cost and efficiency benchmarks and adopt new models to unlock opportunities.

While this digital transformation might be a way to respond to immediate external or internal pressures, we also support businesses in ensuring that each decision not only addresses current needs but also sustains future operations.

“Digital transformation needs to form part of a long-term plan in order to protect your business reputationally and operationally, while better serving your workforce and generating powerful results. Understanding the true potential of digital transformation means looking to the future, while being prepared to make use of the very latest in innovation available in the present,” says Marco Stefanini, Global CEO and Founder, Stefanini Group.

Harnessing Innovation to drive Business Results

This focus on transformation powered by innovation has resulted in the creation of Space87, which began as a physical room within Stefanini’s office where people were encouraged to collaborate on innovative projects.

Since then, the focus of Space 87 has been less of a physical location and more of a collective ethos – rallying the entire business behind the importance of innovation. This includes using Space 87 as a way to showcase the key components of Stefanini’s DNA, such as community, ideas, ventures and education.

 The name Space 87 refers to Marco Stefanini founding the business in his house in 1987.

 “We’ve built a concept that refers to the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit involved in setting up a business. Space 87 places emphasis on our restless desire to innovate and to ensure our clients succeed through the power of innovation,” says Marco Stefanini.  

Alongside conferences, webinars, lectures and workshops, employees will also take part in job rotation programs and receive ongoing training on realizing the potential of innovation within the Stefanini ecosystem.

Stefanini encourages innovation through the launch of an innovation challenge program that will motivate employees to adopt cutting-edge technology to lead initiatives that transform businesses, foster teamwork and a culture of innovation, idea, and research, as well as recognize and promote talent within the company.

“Every member of the Stefanini team should feel empowered to act as an entrepreneur as part of an ecosystem that values a relentless search for cutting-edge innovation. We’re establishing this mindset across the business to establish a culture the prioritizes knowledge-sharing and progress that drives powerful results for our clients,” adds Marco.

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