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Generative AI Is Transforming The Way We Work And Do Business

The adoption of generative AI promises to have a substantial impact on various market sectors.

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) around the world has been remarkable, and, as several recent studies and reports indicate, it’s no different in Brazil. Brazilians are showing a growing interest and adoption of this technology in their personal and professional lives, which is transforming the way we interact with AI and its provided benefits.

Always attentive to technological trends and market demands, our company has been working with artificial intelligence for over ten years and has been following the rise of generative AI from the start. In order to provide the best offers with this technology, we tested generative AI internally to prove its efficiency and agility. Today, all of our offerings – from Apps to Digital Workplace, Banking, Cyber, Data Science, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing and Sales – have embedded AI.

To meet the various demands for Artificial Intelligence, we have an extensive library of more than 1000 AI tools to support internal teams with developing solutions. Once tested, these tools are applied to our company’s solutions, which represents an upgrade to our entire portfolio of offerings.

According to Fabio Caversan, VP of Digital Business and Innovation, the fact that AI applications are tested internally enables teams to work better and faster, as well as offering an extra layer of credibility, since the AI solutions brought to market have been tested and proven as effective beforehand. “When customers started using our generative AI solutions, we were sure that everything was working fully. The solutions became better, faster, and with cutting-edge technology,” he adds.

Recent studies reveal that generative AI is set to experience rapid growth and that this will create a substantial impact in various sectors, transforming the way organizations approach innovation, problem solving, and user experience.

A Gartner survey of more than 1,400 executive leaders showed that 45% of companies are in pilot mode with generative AI and another 10% have put generative AI solutions into production. This is a significant increase from a prior Gartner survey, carried out in March and April 2023, where only 15% of respondents were testing generative AI and 4% were producing AI solutions. According to Gartner, the figures show that organizations are not just talking about generative AI – they are investing time, money, and resources to move forward and generate business results, as is the case with us.

By incorporating AI solutions into our products, we are bringing increased speed, quality, and technology to our solutions. We’re making them more efficient and enabling our customers to create opportunities for new businesses and fronts of action, so that man and machine act in a synergistic and complementary way.

We will be announcing the benefits and advantages of AI embedded in our products for the Finance, Cyber Security, Data Science, Digital Workplace, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing, and Sales industries soon!

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