Disruptive Digital Solutions at CMO Digital Insight Summit - Stefanini

Disruptive Digital Solutions At CMO Digital Insight Summit

In an innovative event structure, Stefanini is presenting the next generation of digital solutions to help  CMOs take advantage of a new digital landscape. “In an increasingly connected world, the approach needs to be just as integrated. Stefanini is able to create customized solutions for any kind of business through innovatively combining the worlds of marketing with technology while keeping a big-picture focus on the end-user experience,” said Carla Ferber, vice president of marketing at Stefanini North America and the Asia Pacific.

Success Framework

Stefanini’s approach combines customized services with world-class specializations. The company engages five main approaches to ensure maximum ROI and media performance enhancement, including analytics/performance, business strategy, data visualization, insights/research and user experience. “Using technology to gain control over your company’s digital media performance is essential for gaining insight into the world around you and achieving the perspective you need to elevate your business and achieve results,” said Ferber.

With deep expertise in digital,  Stefanini’s solutions enhance media performance by understanding, defining innovative strategy, creating digital transformation and evaluating performance.

“E-commerce will become seamless, living all around in a connected environment and in new points of contact such as cars, elevators, showcases, wearables and more,” said Shu Dasgupta, vice president of sales at Stefanini. “It is everywhere, intertwining with any channel and point of contact, offering a new form of customer relationships and shopping experiences,” affirmed Dasgupta.

Stefanini’s solutions are able to take companies to the next level of disrupting processes and creating value for them while engaging their customers and saving money. Throughout the summit, there will be roundtables focused on the future of retail and omnichannel power. Workshops will discuss AI in retail, digital transformation with guaranteed fraud protection and many others topics. Stefanini has the opportunity to listen to real problems and help personalize services to find a solution.

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