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Embracing Innovation: The Path From VMware To Nutanix For Cloud Migration

The cloud computing business VMware surprised many in our industry at the end of last year when it announced a double-digit price increase for its core perpetual licensing and support offering.

It’s a decision that will have significant implications for many customers, with reports indicating that prices could increase by an unprecedented 1200% for some users.

On top of this major rise in cost, it’s also been revealed that several VMware products will be discontinued.

The result of these changes is that many customers are likely to find themselves unable to access certain products they have come to rely on.

While many businesses might be concerned that they are being forced into making difficult decisions regarding their IT infrastructure investment strategies, this situation also represents an opportunity. 

Making the Transition

For companies of any size, there’s significant scope to realize strategic goals by transitioning from VMware to an alternative cloud software provider, such as Nutanix.

The right approach to this transition could help businesses realize their growth ambitions, support larger enterprise owners in maintaining their competitive edge and enable early adopters to succeed by embracing a new direction.

At Stefanini, we’ve partnered with multiple businesses on their transition to Nutanix, enabling them to overcome challenges associated with legacy systems such as VMware.

Our involvement has included devising a migration strategy and risk assessment approach and determining the timeline and how the pilot program should be implemented before the full roll out. Our experience as an IT managed services provider also enables us to ensure existing business operations continue seamlessly during the transition period, while we also provide expert training and support to help customers manage their new system effectively.

As a result, whether it’s enhanced flexibility in resource allocation or the ability to optimize performance across diverse workloads, we’ve helped many large companies to realize significant gains from making the switch. More than simply changing supplier, they’ve embarked on a strategic shift enabling them to future-proof their IT infrastructure.

Alongside supporting businesses in making this transition, we’ve also switched to Nutanix and realized many of these same advantages here at Stefanini.

Meanwhile, businesses that might initially be nervous about transitioning from VMware have been able to see that the cutting-edge solutions provided by Nutanix offer the agility and cost-efficiency needed to scale operations without compromising on quality or security.

There are also businesses that might be considered early adopters, which have become among the first in their industries to transition to Nutanix. While these companies face inherent risk, they also stand to benefit from first-mover advantage. At Stefanini, we’re big believers in bold ventures that seize unexplored possibilities and have worked with multiple organizations on transitions to Nutanix that deliver unprecedented efficiency gains.

It’s in Stefanini’s DNA to view a challenge as an opportunity. The success that businesses we’ve worked with have enjoyed since transitioning to a new cloud computing provider demonstrates just how true this is.

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