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Artificial Intelligence Applications In Digital Marketing That Companies Are Using

Artificial intelligence applications in digital marketing are becoming more popular as each day passes. Some years back, marketers were hesitant to include AI in digital marketing. Fast forward to 2021, and digital marketing companies are using AI to make their lives easier. The tools have become better and easier to use for marketers.

In this blog, I have listed how AI applications in digital marketing work.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence sounds more like an oxymoron – but an oxymoron that has made lives better. What was once only associated with science fiction is now making everybody’s lives easier and jobs more efficient.

AI is everywhere – from your users to food delivery apps and other OTT platforms! Now there’s AI in digital marketing as well. It has helped organizations understand what customers need and helped increase customer satisfaction. Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence isn’t here to replace jobs, but increases productivity and efficiency.

The applications are made and ready to use; but,how do we use them? Keep reading for the answer!

Top 12 Applications of AI in Digital Marketing

Predictive Chatbots

When I hear about artificial intelligence applications in digital marketing, I immediately think of chatbots. Chatbots have helped companies immensely. These chatbots learn from interactions with new customers and understand what makes a good conversation. They then take up these insights to make better future conversations.

So, chatbots are a company’s biggest customer service tool. They help answer customers’ questions and solve problems quickly. It is also a beneficial sales tool to ensure your visitors turn into customers. ManyChat, The ChatMate, and Mobile Monkey are some of the popular bots. You can create your own chatbots by using any developer platform.

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Assistance in Marketing

Marketing works in a way where marketers try to create content that their customers may potentially like. Artificial intelligence applications in digital marketing can establish what content is most likely to bring customers back to the site based on historical data.

AI identifies which customers are most likely to unsubscribe from a particular service and analyzes which features are standard in unsubscribing customers. So, with the help of these analytics, marketers can plan their future campaigns and adopt those practices that make people stay.

Retain Existing Customers

Your existing customers are more likely to come back to purchase from you than a complete stranger who doesn’t know of your existence. So, keeping your customers satisfied is a pathway to guaranteed success. In many businesses that rely on subscriptions, this is the most crucial part – unsubscribing is as easy as it gets.

So, the predictive analysis part of artificial intelligence in digital marketing gives information regarding the customers who unsubscribe from the service and understand its reasons. Marketers can then take measures to avoid unsubscriptions.

Voice Search Analysis

Voice search is a relatively new introduction to AI applications in digital marketing. Google, Amazon, and Apple have created the voice search option, and all you have to do is utilize it to the fullest. Leveraging your business through voice search brings organic growth to marketers.

While searching through voice search, people have a high intent for buying the product/service for which they searched. So, it can prove highly beneficial to your business.

Predictive Analytics

AI applications in digital marketing can run through billions of units of data available on the internet and tell you precisely what you need to know for your business. It will give you insights into what price you will get the most conversions, the most effective time to post, which subject line would work best to grab attention, etc.

However, this data is speculative and must be learned thoroughly before basing all your marketing campaigns on it.


Have you ever visited a website that first asks you specific details about yourself? That is artificial intelligence trying to figure out your purpose on the website.

When a consumer is given exactly what he wants, the probability of turning to a customer is a lot higher. As AI in digital marketing was introduced, personalization became a lot easier. It helps by understanding the personal preferences, likes, and dislikes of individual customers. Through this, marketers can provide consumers with a personalized experience.

Targeted Advertising

Have you ever searched for “white shoes” on Google and had ads for white shoes all over your social media? That’s another way of using AI applications in digital marketing.

Targeted advertising can deliver highly relevant messages to specific customers or target a particular audience. Machine and digital marketing learning can segment customer data into groups based on different factors, such as age, gender, and location, and then deliver the right message to the right people.

AI-Generated Content

It’s almost impossible for a machine to write articles! Or is it? Many websites can write articles for you. However, the most crucial factor, which is creativity, lies in the hands of marketers. Marketers can only use these tools to attract more engagement on their website through their blogs.

In case you’re writing data-focused stories like market data or sports-related topics, these tools can be of much use to you.

Automated Content

When you think digital, you think engagement. If there is no or less attention in your business, it’s a sign that your business is not performing well on the digital platform. AI in digital marketing hence helps marketers generate more engagement.

Engagement is generated through quality content. Through AI, marketers can find out what type of content the customers like and develop the most attention. For instance, the machine will tell you that if a customer wants X, they will like Y too.

So, you can keep creating more of X and also some more of Y.

Personalized Emails

Emails are one of the most effective ways to reach out to people personally and build relationships. AI in digital marketing can continuously improve its performance. A propensity model identifies what products and services are liked by customers and can be added to the subsequent newsletter.

Image Recognition Technology

The relatively new introduction to the world of AI and the most exciting one is Image Recognition Technology. Through this technology, customers can post a picture of a product they like and then find the product on your website. This technology improves customer experience and satisfaction.

This is very similar to the way image tagging works on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. This way, the software allows image recognition, and your pictures, even though they are posted by others, can be seen on your feed.

Lead Scoring

Propensity models formulated by machine learning can give you information regarding what blog topics are leading and most searched by people. Through this, you can focus your efforts and attention on places where leads are guaranteed (or at least more likely).

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Intelligent marketers stay on top of all trends. It makes their jobs easier and gives room for more creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. It also creates more value for customers who enjoy the benefits. There are three primary reasons why AI in digital marketing is flourishing: increasing customer satisfaction, encouraging brand loyalty, and increasing revenues.

You can either be stuck in the past, trying to make ends meet through traditional methods, or hop on to the new era of AI applications in digital marketing – the choice is yours.

So, are you an intelligent marketer? With the tips above, you will be!

Author Bio: Karthikeyan Maruthai is a Digital Marketing Head at echoVME Digital. He heads the development team, SEO team at echoVME, and is a trainer at Digital Scholar. He has been working in the development field for over a decade, and is the go-to person for any SEO and tech-related queries.

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